1. Bigrichw


    Looking to replace the front discs soon as they have some slight cracks appearing around the holes. Question is would you opt for Brembo or Pagid setup Both are available on ECP/CP4L and similar price (Pagid are a few quid cheaper) Thoughts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. markjay

    Belt buckle stoppers... can someone help please?

    The seat belts have small knob-size 'stoppers' half way through the side bit, that prevents the buckle from sliding all the way down when the seat belt is not in use. This is so on most cars (i.e. not just on my W203), and it is quite useful because otherwsie the buckle slides down and can get...
  3. M

    Had one of those heart stoppers today

    Was driving home from work in my escort van foot flat today doing 85mph in the over taking land (fast lane to some of us). I have no central mirror as no back windows, pulled over into the non overtaking lane(slow lane to some people e.g. BMW driver JOKE) when I saw a police car behind with it...
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