1. C

    Windshield wiper stops in centre of screen

    Hi folks. I have gone through all the other images and posts on this happening to tthe C180 window wiper BUT, I have never seen this drive unit in any of them so have no idea how to proceed in repairing the bloody thing. Can anyone help? The wiper works perfectly until it is stopped, then it...
  2. Seank791

    W202 instrument cluster stops and refuses to start

    Hi guys my 1997 w202 c250td has developed a fault when I press the brake pedal or engage reverse gear the instrument cluster immediately stops working but the engine will continue to run until the car comes to a stop or the engine revs drop to the point where the car stalls, as soon as I remove...
  3. R

    Updating Maps on NTG4 stops at 94percent

    Hi Guys, I have a C-class 57 Reg CDI W204 I tried updating my maps, I have bought a copy of the 2016 map updates (the latest one that's out), I had Maps from 2007 already in the car when I bought it and thought I should now update it as I see myself always traveling across the country...
  4. John

    W211 music stops and starts by itself.

    I've had this once or twice before - and put it down to power issues. The music, regardless of whether from the CDC or DVD stops for 4 seconds, and then starts again. It normally goes away by itself but so far, has been happening for two days now and remains. It doesn't matter whether...
  5. M

    clock stops when ignition is off (w203)

    Hi. Has anyone out there heard of this - when I start my car, the clock on the dash reads the time when I last stopped the engine and locked the car. It stops running when the engine isn't running and carries on from where it left off when I was last driving the car. Also, the data since last...
  6. ricardo62

    e320 starts then stops

    hi I don't think I will get a answer , but if anyone has a idea as to why just recently my e320 diesel is starting in the morning then just cutting out ie the engine dies , if I leave it for 5 mins it cranks over trys to fire but wont , eventually it will start , a bit lumpy but settle down ...
  7. barry1

    W124 rubber boot stops

    Hi, couldn't find anything in a search, apologies if this is already out there. The boot on my 300e shuts really hard when, I'm thinking of looking at the springs, (can I adjust them?) but I did notice the small rubber stops on mine are completely decayed and hard. so this could be the...
  8. M

    W210, bensin, E200 engine stops

    Hei, I hope someone can give me advise. If the engine temperature is higher then 90 degrees the engine stoppes by itself. I checked with MB workshop - they told me lamda... I changed it - the same problem. Any ideas? Thank you. Michael.
  9. snow leopard

    SLK roof stops mid cycle

    I hope I'm posting in the right department but can anyone shed any light on an issue with my SLK's folding roof? (53 reg. 200) When I operate switch to open roof, the windows and quarterlights go down, boot lid tilts, then it all stops! I can still hear the motor running but no further action...
  10. C

    w208 stops the compressor

    hello I have 200k 192 horsepower. car runs fine when the plural is cold engine as the car warms up the compressor turns off and becomes very sluggish. Kade could be the problem ...?? I would be grateful if you help me because in my country ute so familiar
  11. Spinal

    PS3 Stops Playing Music

    I have a weird one... Recently, I converted my cd's to mp3 and flac (depending on how attached I was to the music). I then use azureus as a media server to stream them to my PS3 and other devices. Every now and then, the PS3 stops playing music. I can't find a common element though -...
  12. martyp87

    There's always something that stops you...

    Well, received my wheels for the CLK yesterday and got them all sealed up (2 coats of Chemical Guy's Wheel Guard) and as I'm house bound this weekend due to work decided to have a go at fitting them. Started on the back, no problems at all aside from the fact the new bolts I got from eBay...
  13. A

    merc c250td window wiper stops in middle of screen

    Can anyone tell me how to sort my c250td. The windscreen wiper stops in the middle of the screen and its a pain. How do I fix it? Cheers all.
  14. Mr B.

    my dash works one then stops

    the dash on my car works one min then the next it doesn't :dk::dk: can some tell me why please:wallbash::wallbash:
  15. J

    s124 200te engine stops working when hot and breaking

    hello, its my first time so pls dont be nasty. i have got problem with my mb 200te (w124 estate). when engine is warm during driving engine sometimes stops working. on free turns for example when stop on traffic lights go down to just 500. the worst is when try parking. its so annoing. maybe you...
  16. C

    Distronic Plus(if one driver stops the engine)

    Hi guys!! distronic plus sensors cannot detect parked vehicles,other materials on the road and animals,narrow objects(bikes). but my problem is if one guy(obviously the front vehicle) stops the engine,will our vehicle(distronic activated) be stopped(break) or not?? be course its same as...
  17. M

    1998 300TE Petrol estate stops when warm?

    Hello all! After years of wanting a Mercedes i finally purchased a 1989 300TE petrol estate.It had belonged to the same person for the last 11 years and although it has 160k on it it is in very good condition. However when i bought it the seller told me he had problems with it cutting out when...
  18. P

    e 320 cdi auto engine stops when kick down

    Hi i have just got my first merc and love it, wish had bought one years ago..... Any way my problem is when i use kick down engine cuts out and is real pig to start after, changed fuel filter some one said could be lack of fuel but made no diffrance so if any one could help will be very...
  19. C

    lowered w124 coupe - bump stops

    Hi, Quick question. Running eibach springs (40mm)& Bilstein B8 Shock Absorbers. Do I need stock bump-stops or something else? Do bump stops influence ride height or simply govern the travel permitted for a Shock Absorber? Thanks
  20. G

    starts from cold then stops immediately 270 cdi

    over very cold last 10 days my 270cdi starts in the morning then stops immediately then takes 4/5 minutes cranking to restart then its fine all day! I'm guessing its vacuuming some where in fuel lines as it wouldn't start so well albeit briefly if glow plugs were down. After 15 years using warm...
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