1. brucemillar

    Great photos and great stories

    Powerful Photos That Will Change The Way You See The World - Posts Worth Sharing Again
  2. 219

    MOT horror stories

    I get this regular bulletin from DVSA , which is handy for keeping up to date with regulations . Thought I'd share this blog with a few horror stories uncovered during MOT tests
  3. grober

    BMW scare stories

    After the scare stories on BBC's WATCHDOG on owners problems with high mileage BMW engines with the timing gear at the rear of the engine thought I should post this. BBC One - Watchdog, Series 31, Episode 7, BMW deny engine failures are due to manufacturing fault The ubiquitous Mercedes OM651...
  4. developer

    Gypsy Blood True Stories Channel 4

    Kids can't read but are taught to fight. C*ck fighting Hare coursing Shooting wildlife Disputes settled by bare knuckle fighting with everyone watching/cheering Death threats "I'm the king of the gypsies, no, I'm the king of the gypsies" Are they just wired differently :dk:
  5. S

    Lets hear your most embarrasing break up stories

    Right, I will kick off.... Was seeing this girl up in Aberdeen, 150 miles or so away. Beeing going well, she said come up for the weekend, and the 3hour drive gave me plenty of time to think about what a great time I was to be having... Well...we got there, she said, meet me at the pub. All...
  6. poormansporsche

    go on then lets hear your "meet the parents" stories ....

    To get the ball rolling my one (actually Mercedes related as well !) Many many moons ago my girlfriend of the time (now the wife) was due to come round my house for the first time, nothing formal. My dad asked me to help him off with the hard top of his brand new SL. He promptly forgot about...
  7. R

    Entertaining dealership stories

    Given Christmas is upon us shortly, thought I'd recollect a couple of mercedes dealership stories I suffered in the past, for entertainment value, apologises to those that may remember these stories. First one, my E55 goes into local MB dealership for a service, they collect the car, on...
  8. Godot

    Can't make these stories up, can you ?

    Tourist kicks up stink about smell of dead fish... in fishing harbour | This is North Devon
  9. P

    1 new order,two different stories. Who's correct?

    Hi All – Newbie here who’s decided what he wants , but needs advice as to what to do next ( or who’s telling the truth) please Looking to order a new W212 E350 CDI Avantgarde on a personal contract hire ( MB call it personal lease). My existing PCP contract expires 1st Aug, so I need a new...
  10. Dizwen

    one problem, two stories from two garages!

    Hope I've posted this in the right section... First off this is not another negative "my car's crap" thread. I love the car. forums can be full of doom and gloom, yes I've got problems but the car is great! The story... A few months ago the engine light came on in the C32. A quick trip to...
  11. V

    Lets have some good news stories!

    There's been a lot of bad news stories on the forum and sadly many of them are valid, but just to be objective about all of this, has anybody got a non rusty W210 E Class which they are delighted with?? would be good to hear from you. Having run a 1 year old W210 for 3 years, some years...
  12. Satch

    Four speed related stories on the wire this morning

    A busy morning. Must be because the party conference season is over and all the journos have hangovers. 1. Yes, as reported in another thread the CPS are trying for an appeal on the 159 "just testing it" police officer. So now three High Court Judges plus armies of lawyers will spend a lot...
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