1. Koolvin

    Storm damage yesterday

    Here is the damage - Luckily ACID from MSL is sending me a new glass window.... Had to take all the seats out as the shattered glass went everywhere!
  2. R

    Storm damage

    If this is the skylight... What's on the roof???
  3. markjay

    Storm in a Teacup? Am I missing something...? What's the big news - we've had RIP Act since 2000 over here - and no one complained?
  4. ringway

    R.I.P. Storm Thorgerson.

    Album cover designer Strom Thorgerson passes away aged 69. He produced some fantastic artwork for the albumcovers of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Yes, T-Rex, Peter Gabriel and many others. I wonder what avatar I'd use had Thorgerson never created The Dark Side of the Moon album cover? LINK...
  5. ringway

    Storm to bring Northern Lights to Britain tonight.

    A sight to behold. LINK.
  6. A

    Vito:the quiet before the storm

    Hi. I have noticed that on my 54 vito if i use the more expensive diesel the engine sounds less noisy. a few days ago i put in by mistake 2 litres of petrol .when i told the fuel station about it they said its such a small amount not worry about it.immediately after that i put 75 litres of...
  7. BlackC55

    Fantastic storm pics

    Jaw-dropping image of enormous 'supercell' cloud in Glasgow, Montana | Mail Online I don't read the daily mail I was emailed them from a mate. Brilliant pics:rock:
  8. Geezer

    Blackberry Storm and Satnav

    I have my Storm connected via bluetooth to a Parrot CK3000 Evolution and I must say that I am really pleased with it. I also have the Vodafone Find & Go software on the phone which is first class but it is difficult to hear the voice commands when the radio is at normal volume or when the roof...
  9. WLeg

    Blackberry Storm

    Vodafone locked Dual Prosumer and Enterprise enabled. Never registered with BIS. Used for about 2 weeks, decided I hate touchscreen devices. Upgraded firmware to (latest, stable, vodafone supported version). Micro-USB charger USB Cable Storm 9500 handset Software...
  10. H

    Blackberry Storm brand new

    all i have i have a brand new blackberry storm for sale, still boxed, not even opened on Vf. Best offer secures cheers Hash
  11. I

    Blackberry Storm - Unlocked £450

    Hi there, Have a brand new blackberry storm. Switched it on to unlocked but apart from that it has not been used at all. Looking for £450 Specification here -
  12. mercmanuk

    blackberry storm

    has anyone got a blackberry storm yet,i was looking to get an iphone but the storm looks a better phone for satnav,mp3,emailing etc etc. any opinions on the forum
  13. ckember

    VW cars trashed by hail storm

    A colleague of mine has had a new A3 on order since November, with the new model now out his car was due a month ago, but the delivery date kept slipping. Today he got a very apologetic letter from VW via the leasing company stating that 12500 VW cars at its export centre in germany had been...
  14. Howard

    Incoming Storm - Monday

    Just a quick heads up for everyone , there is a big storm brewing in the Atlantic , due to hit us on Monday ... Might be an idea to keep the cars out of harms way , not near trees , in garages if possible , as if it works out the way they think it might , it is gonna be a big one ... Here...
  15. Howard


    As i'm sure you're all well aware , there is a storm heading for the SW tonight .... But just seen something i've never seen before, the wave buoys off the coast of Ireland ( in the storms path ) are showing waves of 60 feet :eek: currently !! SEE HERE This is gonna be a hell of a...
  16. Brian WH

    CLS Flooded in Storm Friday 20th July

    A brief report to start off, more details and photos to follow. Basically going to a party at a Country House in the Brecon Hills on Friday. Set out at 13.30 and Sat-Nav started diverting me off the M42 and M5 on all the A roads alongside the motorways. It did me a turn except the A roads in...
  17. glojo

    Desert Storm

    :devil: :D I fooled Yuh! Yesterday number one son washed his car. This morning it was covered in a very fine orangey, brown dust. This is the sands from the African desert. Just one of the very many perks of living on the south-west coast. Desrt Storm :rock: :devil: :) All the cars...
  18. GrahamC230K


    After the heat wave of the last 2 days, there is a nice storm kicking off in my neck of Oxfordshire which has been brewing for hours. Anyone else? What I don't understand (maybe someone can explain) is that I am guess the storm caused a spike/cut in the electricity supply: The lights...
  19. S

    Storm Damage

    Hi all, My 230CLK has had a bit of a run in with half the neighborhood trees and other flying debris in birmingham and has gone from a pristine vehicle to a dented, scuffed, scratched and smashed state.. :crazy: Its got FSH and covered under Mobilife(?) - spoke to my insurers and they...
  20. pluggers

    "OUCH" Damm hail storm

    Anyone just had a hail storm.We just had one here,only lasted about 5mins but the ground is 1/2inch deep in them now :eek:
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