1. R

    Servicing.. The moral of the story is.

    Hi, been here a while just never posted. Had an experience recently that I feel needs to be shared. So my 2012 C220 coupe B service came round recently along with the gearbox service. The mechanic who I have taken my cars to for years for MOT's owns his own C300. Last years MOT I spoke to...
  2. 219

    RIP Princess Diana

    "A truly British girl" Lest she be forgotten . 20 years ago today . Shame on her "husband" . And may her memory live forever in the hearts of her sons and her subjects .
  3. addbuyer

    Another Merc theft story

    If the USA can hack into fat boy Kim's missil then I guess this is a doddle Thieves caught on CCTV hacking Mercedes on couple's drive | Daily Mail Online
  4. ringway

    A Story Written by MBClub Members.

    Rules. Try to follow the previous post in the style of a novel without using more than 20 words. The story can switch genre along the way. Perhaps we can write a bestseller! Once upon a time, there was a car salesman called Eric...
  5. DSLiverpool

    Buying An Old Merc - The Story So Far

    CLK63 not the £200k one this is a still rare cabrio with the 6.3 the first car to get it. 2006 with 100k miles - I have never bought anything so leggy in my life but as 4 seat cabrios go what options do I have (had a Mustang and a E500 and an SL with tiny seats) Spotted in cars and...
  6. Happytalk73

    You will NOT believe the conclusion to this story!

    Sorry for the long post but the details are important. A couple of weeks ago my 70+ year old parents got broken into at their home (bungalow) in Manchester. At 2am my mum wakes to hear noises coming from the kitchen. She assumes it's dad rummaging around for tablets (they sleep separately)...
  7. Rosso1

    Whats happen to you while your at work or a funny story

    I thought i would share a funny story while at work. I called in a company to collect some of our vehicles that where due to go out for climate tests. So the company in question sent in two vehicles transported with multi decks enclosed. The first lorry arrived at least a hour before the...
  8. TDE1

    Which song lyrics tell the best story?

    At the moment I'm liking 'The Boxer' (Simon and Garfunkel) and 'Labelled With Love' (Squeeze). Any other suggestions?
  9. Sudesh

    Back with unbelievable story

    Hi Everyone. I wanted to update this as its been a while since I've been on this forum! And I've received a few emails. It may take me some time to help people with various questions and parts. In 2014 [i think] I fell into a coma over nite in bed. The story is one that books could...
  10. A

    W213 E class at the Geneva Salon motorshow - The inside story

    Been away playing for a few days, but back now with some snaps to share - not your obvious ones either! However if your a future purchaser these might help. First off the inside story: Designo interior: Connectivity:
  11. A

    Recent tragic story

    I hope this is the right area to place this and it's not something I normally do but this recent tragedy is close to our family and I could not ignore it. Whilst giving birth to her baby boy, Lina sadly passed away leaving behind her new baby son Benjamin , young daughter Juliette and her...
  12. aquanaut

    Interesting story / App

    Find out what your MOT DOESN'T tell you: How one woman's costly car problems inspired her to help others discover their car's real history | Daily Mail Online
  13. karozza

    Another SBC Story....

    YOM 2002 & definitely on the original SBC. Now just covered over 26600 miles. So, I am just about to start enjoying the last day of my mini holiday touring eastern Sicily & about to drive out of the gate from the B&B when I hear a sudden thump(similar to hitting the car's undercarriage on a...

    R129 New owner's story

    Last year I made one of the riskiest purchases of my car owning life - buying an old smoker with no history. For a long time I had a desire to own an R129 ever since my friends older brother rocked up in one. It was a 1990 SL500 in red with beige leather. So last year I took the plunge...
  15. Mat B

    Play it loud - story of Marshall - BBC 4 friday 28th 10pm

    Hi all Thought this would be of interest to all you music aficionados out there. Can't wait to see it myself and have been asked to spread the word.
  16. I

    My cancer story - To warn others.

    Bruce's brave post has given me the courage to give another viewpoint. Bruce, you were very fortunate to get such excellent and timely care. Timeliness is all in treating cancer, which is where our stories diverge. At the beginning of December 2011 I was admitted to our local hospital by...
  17. brucemillar

    My Cancer Story - To help others.

    OK I am writing this not for me but hopefully to help you and yours and anybody you know who may just need this help. Please read all the post as it may just have something that helps. I want this to be a positive message and not to upset anybody on here who has, or is losing anybody to this...
  18. wheels-inmotion

    Our story in two minutes.....

    A slightly subjective version of the evolution and demise of Earth but a worthy and well made video in my opinion> Notre Histoire
  19. The _Don

    Teenage cancer patient Stephen Sutton life story online as donations hit £2.4m

    Amazing, I have donated.
  20. B

    yet another e320 inlet motor story !!!!!!

    Well all i can describe replacing this job as is a right pain in the **** !!!!!!! Car is a 2008 E320, full main dealer history and 100,000 miles on the clock, car darted loosing it's kick down and turbo...sort of a limp mode, no MIL on dash board, but it was just not right. Car went onto...
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