1. PaulXC

    E320Cdi S211 Estate Steering wheel not straight

    So far this year I have had two new front springs and then a couple of weeks later a new nearside rear wheel bearing. The steering wheel is now not centred when driving in a straight line. The indi who did the bearing and springs reckons he put it back together the way it came apart ...
  2. S

    C63 AMG standard exhaust, cats, resonator and straight pipe

    Folks I have some c63 exhaust parts for sale. 1) C63 rear boxes + straight pipes (resonator delete) - one piece 2) Secondary cats - standard - 55k miles 3) Resonator - standard - 55k miles I would like to sell the whole lot to ease my garage space. What it looked like on the car - bear in...
  3. maxypriest

    Wanted - a single STRAIGHT AMG Aero 16” alloy wheel! W124 fitment

    Looking for a single STRAIGHT AMG Aero 16” alloy wheel! I have 4 on my car, but one has a buckle and needs replacing. Cheers, Max
  4. G

    Cooling Fan Coming On straight away

    Hi, New to forum, first post. Got a W203 C200 Estate Kompressor Auto which is fab. Over the last few months the low coolant and refill washer bottle lights have been coming on occasionally but always together. I have read that this maybe connected to the fan now coming on straightaway...
  5. I

    W124 Multiple sqeal - turn and straight

    Hi All, After about ten minutes a high pitched squeal comes from what seems to be front left, varying pitch. Brake and it goes/changes pitch and goes, comes straight back or goes for twenty miles. Turn left during its squeaky moments and it gets worse. I thought it was brakes, but the change...
  6. B

    3.2 straight 6 jobs to do....

    Hi all Right, got a couple of jobs to do and picking guru minds, although don't think it's too bad. I have "noisy bearing and seized alternator clutch". Question is, it looks pretty straight forward without rad coming out but will i end up with scarred knuckles? Once done should i expect any...
  7. M

    Mercedes New Straight Sixes - Thoughts

    It's now common knowledge that Mercedes are planning to launch a new range of modular engines, including straight sixes (which is a nice return to form) and these will power the new E-Class and eventually the long awaited and heavily revised G-Class (big fan of the G but it's needed a major...
  8. developer

    M4 rider falls off the horse in a dry straight line

    What's your theory? miA5qj5ergM
  9. S

    c250cdi straight pipe advice please

    Hi I have a c250cdi sports with manual gearbox. I was wondering if I took the back box off and replace it with straight pipe with tips how it will sound. Will it fail MOT and will I get cloud of black smoke coming from the exhaust. Any advice will be appreciated thanks.
  10. M

    New video - The C63 goes straight piped, Eurocharged & 562bhp!

    Hi all, Did a new video on my YouTube channel hope you like it :) Feel free to like, subscribe & share if your feeling nice :thumb: Loads more to come this year, will be doing some more drifting in her that's for sure lol, next stop, Quaife LSD :D Thanks, ML /watch?v=VFbicLIMwWs
  11. R

    Straight in at the deep end, First Merc AMG

    Hi, I'm Rob & live in the Leicester area, I wasn't really looking for a Merc, I just wanted a fast estate that was well equipped & a bit different, I happened to stumble across the C32 which seemed to tick all the boxes, After much research on the model & aware of all the possible fault's I...
  12. merc85

    e320 cdi straight 6 or v6?

    Looking for a e320 atm and was wondering which of the 2 engines are better? V6 or the straight 6 diesels?
  13. R

    Straight pipe & engine

    Hi everyone, I have a Mercedes C250 2.2 Turbo Diesel I was wondering If I was to get a Straight Pipe done too it i.e. Removing Muffler and Silencer. Will it harm the turbo or engine by doing this? Would appreciate if anyone can help me out thanks.
  14. J

    New member diving straight in with a w124 300d!

    Hello all, I thought I'd better say hello and introduce myself seeing as I've just paid a deposit to hold an s124 multivalve, picking it up next week! It'll be my first ever Mercedes, but not my first time owning "old" cars as daily drivers having just sold a 1986 double cab VW pick up, and...
  15. 300CE

    Straight through MOT and no advisories!

    Again, for the third year running! The old girl continues to amaze me and pretty impressive for a 23 year old motor! I haven't been posting up recently as i have a new set of wheels that has been taking up a lot of my time over the last few months - one 1986 T25 camper! It has so far...
  16. st13phil

    How the presenter keeps a straight face...

    ...I don't know :D VDrNZSJolow (For a bigger laugh, turn on the captions :D )
  17. R129mine

    R129 door not opening straight away

    Hi Last couple of weeks i have noticed when pulling at door handle on driver's side (from in our outside) you have to slightly try and open the door for the window to lower itself a few cm's so you can fully open the door. I tried resynching the windows checked fuses but made no difference. I...
  18. poormansporsche

    Not mercedes as such but V6 v Straight 6 engines, pros and cons ???

    Just always wondered the reasoning behind each say build cost, fuel consumption, space in the bay and power etc etc ???? Cheers Brett
  19. N

    W211 E320 CDI, (Straight 6 Version)

    Hi im coming to buying my next car and im looking at the E320 CDI, im looking for a 53 reg plus so hopefully galvanised! Ive heard these engines are bulletproof and have enough power to put a smile on your face so im mainly asking is a general buying guide like what to watch out for and will...
  20. P

    Mileages for E320 CDi straight 6 ????

    Everyone with a straight 6 E320 CDi....... Please give your year of car and model, I will start with mine......... E320 CDi Estate, FSH 194,500 miles running very well
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