1. poormansporsche

    Strangest thing ive ever seen .......

    1993 SUBARU IMPREZA WRX BLUE | eBay ???????? Must have taken some skill to build but honestly , why ????
  2. abecketts

    What's the strangest load you've carried in your Estate?

    Managed yesterday to almost fit 3 225 litre oak barrels with the seats down, i'd guess that if I had a W210 as opposed to a W124 all 3 would have fitted no problem.
  3. pluggers

    The strangest of people

    Whilst dropping my lady of at work about 9pm I noticed an Audi converable on the other carrageway pull over into a layby and lower his roof before going into town,What a bloody poser :rolleyes: its pitch black out and about 5deg c My lady explaned to me that "feeling in the face was overrated...
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