1. T

    Convertible Roof Straps.

    Hi, Having read cole@MBS about convertible roofs, being done manually, in his instructions he states that you need two straps to do this operation, found with the tools in the boot, alas i do not have any, what is the proper name for these straps and where can you buy them, i hope i done't need...
  2. R

    Door Check Straps

    Hi Guys, Have clicking door strap on w208, got the vid for trim removal, been looking fleabay for part. Am I right in that they are univ (left or right) & do the w202 ones fit? Thanks
  3. K

    W124 door check straps

    Folks - The search facility appears to be broken this morning so I am unable to mine the collective wisdom here to find an answer to my query. I have an 1995 300 diesel estate and have been working my way through its little foibles over the past three years. With the brake flexibles replaced...
  4. BillyW124

    W123 rear door check straps

    Does anyone have a pair of rear door check straps for a W123?
  5. SEM

    Boot Straps

    I'm fed up of my shoppin or whatever being spread out across my boot. are ther any obvious pockets or straps as standard fittings, to stop things sliding around my nice clean interior. Have used boxes and antislip mats. Manual shows hooking points for estate but not in my saloon. never had this...
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