1. moog999

    Bluetooth streaming from android phone....

    Picked up my new to me 2011 E350 estate yesterday and as lovely as it is the connectivity options in the car are frankly archaic. Now my choice of car was dictated by the need for 7 seats , somewhere less than 75miles from home, it had to be a 350 and my trade in car was 2weeks away from...
  2. G

    S Class 2007 W221 COMAND upgrades for NTG 3

    I bought a 2007 w221 S320L a couple of weeks ago, the car is in mint condition and drives perfectly. It replaces my w220 S320L which had to be scrapped due to rust developing on the underside, body work however was fine. The car currently has: COMAND NTG 3 - No birds eye view - I can not use...
  3. CLSMark

    Tune2air dongle for wireless streaming. My listing on eBay. Will happily sell out of eBay before auction ends Fits any mercedes with the older style iPod connection. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. MikeInWimbledon

    Too much to ask? SIRI AND music streaming AND Bluetooth phone

    Is anyone happy and effectively using SIRI, music streaming AND Bluetooth phone on their Mercedes? I may be wrong .... but it seems like the Viseeo MB4+ doesn't quite get there, even though I "supposedly" have bluetooth on the Comand unit. Which makes me wonder whether, for longer trips, I...
  5. Sjag1

    Bluetooth Music Streaming & Phone for pennies!!

    Hi Guys / Girls, been away for a few years lol, lurking forever!! Anyway feeling very happy with myself as have been told by Mercedes Main Dealers, and Online Sites that is was not possible to stream Music to my 2009 CLS Head unit without the proper Blue tooth modules. Also adding a phone...
  6. T

    2004 w211 comand How to get Bluetooth Streaming

    I'm looking at an 2004 S211 with comand , having been used to a simple Sony single DIN Bluetooth which is great:thumb: I wondered what i would need to do to do the following :confused: 1 Stream Music from my Iphone 2 Pick up Telephone calls again from the Iphone 3 ( harder one this ) Play...
  7. alzieboy

    Smart TVs streaming

    I can stream live football to my Pany smart TV via hdmi cable from my laptop okay. But when I get the streaming web site up on the TV it cannot open up to view the game , will only stream via laptop. Any help much appreciated :thumb:
  8. Conquistador

    Home CCTV and live web streaming

    I know there have been a few threads on this subject in the past but was hoping someone could give me some tips and recommend a good system. I'm after a 2 camera system, probably with a 4 channel box and 500gb HDD. 1 to watch the cars but the other I want to be able to stream live to the web...
  9. D

    W212 Audio 50 - bluetooth audio streaming?

    Hi All I have a 2011 W212 with Audio 50 and digital media interface, any idea where the bluetooth music streaming options would be? The phone is paired and the handsfree calling side of it works fine but cannot see any bluetooth music streaming options. I've done some research and apparently...
  10. A

    Bluetooth audio streaming kit recommendations!!!

    Alright Lads, I've got a c270 ' 05 w203 and I want to add a Bluetooth kit which is able to stream music from my phone . There is a uhi port under the centre armrest to connect to, but all I can find is the viseeO mb4 unit which would be perfect but it doesn't stream audio!. The...
  11. R

    Audio 20 Bluetooth streaming Aux

    HI, i have done some research and have drawn up a plan to allow me to use any bluetooth device to play music through my audio 20 headunit. i am thinking to buy the below: HandFree Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter Play Music to Car AUX / Stereo Speaker | eBay and attached it to my Aux...
  12. R

    E220 - Bluetooth Music Streaming

    All - Sorry for another post - My new 12 Plate E220 (data below) shows that I do have bluetooth telephony. I am currently able to connect my Aux cable to play music which brings about a lot of interference unfortunately - is there a way to modify/upgrqde a system I have to be able to stream...
  13. N

    Audio Streaming via Standard Audio 20 Media set up?

    Hi there, about to take plunge (for us) on C220 Estate, Sport Premium - paperwork signed (first time MB owner, v excited) - been given a couple of days to choose optional extras, and I cannot get clarity on following: Will standard option Audio 20 media system enable bluetooth audio streaming...
  14. J

    Best method for Bluetooth music streaming

    Hi, I recently got a c220 08 model, I've connected my iPhone 6 to the hands free but I cannot stream music via Bluetooth. What is the best method to do this? Ideally I don't want to install a parrot or anything that has to be stuck on the dash etc Thanks in advance
  15. Mr Kripling

    Streaming Bluetooth

    I've got the Comand NTG1 in my CL and was wondering what my options are for streaming music from my phone via bluetooth. Am I right in thinking that the tightest integration with the existing system will be one of the various systems that are integrated with the MOST? If so, do any of the...
  16. jimmymidnight

    Viseeo MB-3/MB-4 and bluetooth streaming

    I need to buy a bluetooth unit for my W221 (it has phone prep) but i'd like one that I can stream music through - will the Viseeo MB-3 or MB-4 do this? And, if not, is there a unit out there that will? Thanks in advance.
  17. timwood2000

    Viseeo Tune2Air

    Anyone on here have one of these? They are supposed to plug into the iPod connection and via BT, stream music from your iPhone etc. I got one and although I can establish a BT connection between my iPhone and the Tune2Air, my audio system flashes up my iPhone for less than a second and goes...
  18. S

    Bluetooth Audio Streaming on 2010 CLS 219

    Hi All Is there a way to add bluetooth Audio Streaming to a 2010 Grand Edition 350 CLS with Comand 2.5 without using the ipod connection in the glovebox, ie through a firmware update or using the phone cradle in the centre console? Reason I ask is that I would quite like to keep the ipod...
  19. Rctaylor1966

    BT Streaming broken on iPhone 4S with Audio 20 single CD after iOs 7 update

    I all, I upgraded my iPhone 4S at the weekend and ever since it wont stream, sometimes it works for a minute or two then screen shows device as paused, pressing play on Audio 20 screen doesnt start it again. Seems Apple have surpassed themselg again and broken another feature that worked fine...
  20. T

    Iphone connected via bluetooth but no audio streaming?

    I recently purchased an e class coupe with what seems the basic audio system, however it does have bluetooth connection and have managed to get my phone connected for the purpose of making and receiving calls. for what ever reason (maybe not possible) but i can not get my music to play through...
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