1. F

    Merc. & Brabus G500 4x4 on the Streets of London
  2. 219

    Scotland's most polluted streets named .

    Scotland's 'most polluted' streets named - BBC News Glasgow's Hope Street , which has previously enjoyed infamy as Europe's most polluted street is , at least in part , BUSES ONLY :D The other streets listed in the article are also heavily congested with buses a lot of the time - perhaps...
  3. M

    V11 NTG4.5 SatNav missing streets

    Just had my nav updated and the first two streets I tried didn't show - unless I'm doing something wrong ? Can someone test them on v10 or v11 for me. This was on a w204 c class South Road, Weston super mare Queens Road, Weston super mare Thanks !
  4. ItalianTuneUp

    UK proposals: Cycle Streets With 15mph Limit And No Overtaking What do you think of this?
  5. M

    The streets of San Francisco...

  6. Harrythedog

    20mph limits in residential streets

    I've noticed over the past few months that a great number of streets in my area have been designated as 20mph zones, all the relevant signs and road markings being put in place by my local (extremely hard up council). A couple of weeks ago a saw a small white car, a Smart I think, with a speed...
  7. 230K

    Sat Nav and Timed One Way Streets

    Hi I was travelling in Kiev yesterday and as we got to the top of the "one way" road there was a queue of cars waiting until it was gone 10am then the street would turn to one way in the opposite direction. This got me wondering if sat nav systems can deal with this??? I have been told...
  8. Satch

    Limit on garage size reversed to bring drivers back off the streets

    Good God. An outbreak of common sense involving cars! :eek: "A decade after the Government ordered developers to discourage car ownership by making it difficult to park, a local authority has produced new guidance that acknowledges that the policy has failed. Far from reducing car usage...
  9. glojo

    Can you imagine this happening in the streets of London

    I enjoy reading newspapers from different countries and these headlines caught my eye: LAHORE, May 5: Mass arrests, road blockades and baton-charges and teargas shelling by police failed to stop lawyers, political activists and the general public from welcoming Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad...
  10. grober

    August edition of Sniff Petrol hits the streets

    For those who had withdrawal symptoms last month the latest edition of Sniff Petrol is out.;)
  11. S

    Hidden Streets

    When selecting a street as a destination with my command navigation system I am unable to find the street either by entering it or in the street list (This is after selecting a town), However when I finally arrive and drive down said street, the nav system in MAP mode shows the name correctly...
  12. Steve_Perry

    Maybach spotted on the streets (56k'ers beware)

    Love the emblem on the projector headlight :cool: S.
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