1. J

    G wagon 6x6 stretched...

    Guy I know out in dubai went to a party in this last night...
  2. M

    Stretched Mercedes G63 AMG by INKAS

    Would love to take a long trip in the back of this G-Wagon. from the article: This is a production of Canadian firm INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing who. Right off the bat they stretched the G63 and added 60 inch to its length so they have enough room to go nuts with. And nuts...
  3. P

    longer wheelbase (stretched EW211) ??

    I have just purchased my 03 plate W211 EClass. I love it. However when I purchased it I checked it out with my mate who works at Mercedes Dealer. He said all history checked out ok but it was showing as a non standard UK car. All spec checked out ok but he said it appeared as though it could...
  4. Dr-Nab

    Stance and stretched tyres

    Obviously people will always tune new cars up regardless whether it's an individual or a company and I realise that in the euro-scene everyone is trying to put the widest wheels on with stretched tyres but does it suit a Mercedes? Had a rather enthusiastic old friend tell me it would look great...
  5. dino645

    Stretched Limousine

    I saw this 300se limousine for sale, and am going to have a look at it today. Is this a standard limousine, or has it been converted. Most of the stratched s-classes I have seen have what appears to have 3 door panels, but this only has the two...
  6. T

    Stretched S600

    Not exactly ebay but still unusual...,13667645,13896327,13879187,13850974,13930920,13970566,14017945,14017943,14005053&vidindex=6&starthit=10
  7. glojo

    Respray the stretched limo

    I have a stretched limo which most folks think is a red coloured Sprinter. Unfortunately the sun is bleaching the paint and I'm seriously considering getting the vehicle resprayed to a more practical colour. The question is what colour should I spray it? I would love to get it sprayed the...
  8. glojo

    Stretched Limo

    Here's hoping my first attempt at posting pictures works. These are pictures of my 'Stretched Limo' I think it might also be a first for the 'White Van' brigade. (Even though it is red)!!! This shows a picture of the 6 speed Sprint Shift. There is an automatic position, or you can...
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