1. Steveml63

    The Hamster strikes again!

    Hope Richard is OK. Richard Hammond airlifted to hospital after horror crash | Daily Mail Online Was it a Bugatti Chiron he was driving? Hope he is OK Cheers Steve
  2. N

    Drone strikes plane landing at LHR.

    Just a matter of time before one of these huge planes ploughs a deadly furrow through London. Drone strikes British Airways flight landing at Heathrow Airport | Europe | News | The Independent
  3. ioweddie

    War Footage Kamakazi strikes

    Kamikaze Strikes This might be of interest to anyone interested in 2nd World War Footage
  4. MercedesDriver

    Aegir strikes back

    I got dizzy just watching it.
  5. markjay

    PCS Strikes Again

    Yes... this yet another thread regarding great service from Olly, Jack, and Matt at PCS Horndean. Not the Merc this time... the Merc is coming in next week. Well worth the drive down from London. Great service, very sensible prices.... you could not ask for more. Well done and thank you very...
  6. neilz

    Lightning never strikes twice, so I'll try again: Ugliest cars?

    As the previous thread was deleted without notice for apparently annoying MySQL I'll try again... What's the ugliest car you've ever seen or heard of? Get it off your chest and post some pics!
  7. M

    Valeo strikes again - what to do now??

    I received a call from my Wife yesterday to say that our E320 CDI W211 was stuck at the school carpark, as she had selected reverse, but there wasn't any drive to the wheels. I went and had a look, and as it had been switched off for a while. I started it, put it into reverse and it all worked...
  8. tagnut

    Valeo radiator strikes again

    Ok so I knew that I had a Valeo radiator and was planning to replace it soon anyway but..... I took my car in for service, new thermostat and ATF change today, I asked my local Indie to send a sample of the ATF away for a glycol test although I haven't had any symptoms in the car. He rang me...
  9. Spinal

    The Curse Strikes Again...

    So, it's not September yet... but my annual curse has struck again. This year, it has been a car accident, so at least there's some variety to my screw ups. Luckily, there were no injuries this time. It was all very slow speed (<5mph). I am very annoyed though, as this is my first car...
  10. B

    White van man strikes again.

    Driving home yesterday, turn off the roundabout and traffic is stopped in front of me to let an ambulance down the road. Pulled into the side and came to a halt, unfortunately the white van driver behind me decided to keep going and ran into the back of my c class. Almighty bang and I got out...
  11. W

    Postal strikes - missing financial deadlines

    Just a quick heads-up. I've been told by my accountant that missing Government financial deadlines due to the postal strike is not a valid reason. eg. Filling to Companies House Tax Self Assessment VAT Though the penalty appeal process may be sympathetic towards reasons due to the postal...
  12. Baron_Samedi

    eBay Strikes (perhaps) again

    Hi, I was wondering, is there a way to pre-empt with eBay a non-paying bidder report by a seller? The reason I ask is that the seller of a Comand system is "reluctant" to ship using EMS Speedmail with tracking. Clearly I want the reassurance that my money has not slipping into Lithuania...
  13. glojo

    Scumbag Strikes Again

    It did not take long :devil::D
  14. Gollom

    Suzy Cute strikes again!

    This will teach Gollom to leave his computer logged on when ive had a few drinks lol, dont wish to upset anyone with my comments on various topics but they are only lumps of metal at the end of the day!!!!!!!!!!! :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:
  15. Spinal

    Royal mail strikes and eBay

    So I had 3 auctions end just before/during the strikes... I paid 2 by paypal, and 1 by cheque (unfortunately!) and my items haven't arrived. One of the sellers is very helpfull and sent me the Royal Mail claim form and proof of posting, and said that anything they they don't refund, he would...
  16. scumbag

    the HEMI strikes back

    A US forum told me about some buttons you can press and it brings up a 0-60 timer. so one has to give onescar a try out doesn't one? first up is the test to see how it works. next up are a serious attempt to find out what 2tonne of yank tank can really do.
  17. 219

    VBH strikes again

    It would seem that Viki , or some of her friends , have been testing Mercs to destruction for longer than we knew :D This gentleman appears to be awaiting the ADAC after she had a go at his 540K :D
  18. guydewdney

    Lightning strikes..

    Im normally UPS'ed up to the hilt - but as Im trying to sell the hosue I have had to 'de-clutter' - which aslo involved UPS removal.. And the next-door-but-one house got hit by lightning - took half the roof off. So - one dead TiVo (BooHoo :mad: :( ) and one dead modem / routher thingy...
  19. Birdman

    Unintended Acceleration Strikes Again?

    Well, it looks like it. Haven't got the full story from the scuttlebut but am working on it...
  20. mercmanuk

    bush changing the law to allow preemptive nuclear strikes

    read this,,11069-1776250,00.html
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