1. brucemillar

    Strimmer Help Required Please?

    Folks I have a fantastic (very old) Husqvarna 244-RX, 2-stroke, Straight Pole Brush Cutter/Strimmer. I always used a solid billet alluminium head. This allowed for x2 lengths of strimmer line to be inserted in a X pattern. Now I want to install a Brush Cutter Blade. Unscrewing the Strimmer...
  2. brucemillar

    Weapons Grade Garden Strimmer Line

    Folks Due to ill health my "garden" (it is 1 acre) has become very overgrown with grass, nettles & brambles. Over the last two weekends I have managed to cut the grass down to a nice looking level again (phew) Yesterday I bought a nice new straight pole petrol strimmer/brush cutter. What...
  3. nick mercedes

    Strimmer question

    Time to do some strimming, dug strimmer out of shed to discover it's got no petrol in it, trudged up to the petrol station and brought some unleaded and a can of two-stroke oil. I hoped said can might reveal what ratio it needs to be mixed with the petrol, but no. Anyone here know what...
  4. culpano

    Driver's window rattle + strimmer rasp !

    Come on folks help me out here I'm sure some of you have experienced these rattles and have the solution to it.... 1. Metallic sounding rattle - I've now worked out it's coming from my driver's window in the top right corner (right next to my ear). It's like the window is very slightly...
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