1. C

    W203 facelift sport edition rear bump strip parking sensors

    hi. my 2006 c220 cdi sport edition rear outer right sensor played up, im trying to figure out how to remove the rear bump strip which houses the sensors. it is a one piece bump strip going all the way round the bumper. thanks.
  2. cooks

    W124 front bumper strip

    Looking for front bumper strip for w124 coupe 95..anyone
  3. A

    Grill red strip

    Went and ordered this when I was drunk the other night Looks a mare to fit, has anyone fitted one of these:confused: Must of been off my box :p cost me £34 for a bit of red 3M tape:wallbash::D I thought it was a plastic trim :D that'll teach me for going on Ebay drunk
  4. Herishi

    E280 at the drag strip

    After getting Acid @ MSL to do his magic on my e280 I thought it was about time I took it to a drag strip to see what it would do:-) See video compilation link above and a special thanks to merc85 for the trackside video and support :-) Sent from my iPhone using...
  5. S

    Help me finding a missing part for the door..

    I managed to mess up last time i was cleaning the car. I somehow got stuck with the microfiber cloth at a small trim piece at the left side door, when wiping the car clean after washing. It got partly ripped off. Now half of it is sitting 2-4mm out, away from the door. The piece is located...
  6. A

    Door strip vinyl or remove

    Hiya all Has or is it possible to vinyl wrap the aluminium door strips, or does anyone know how hard they are to remove, is it a simple DIY jobbie? Will I need to get a set of trim removal tools Cheers
  7. R

    W220 Chrome strip on door handles

    Hi does anybody know where i can get the chrome door handle trim (from the top half of the handle) the part comes in the set with a new complete door handle set which you fit after colour painting the handle! But i would like to just replace the chrome part as it is peeling and becoming...
  8. Sanke

    W205 Chrome strip - Boot

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to safely remove the chrome strip on the boot on a W205 - i want to either coat it in gloss black or hydro dip it carbon to match my upper and lower heckspoiler (boot lid spolier and lower diffuser/tail pipe surrounds on C63S) Steve
  9. merc85

    Weather strip s211 2003 osf

    As above, i would like to replace the big thick weather strip that sits around the osf drivers door as its perishing but i cant see how it attaches to the door itself? Any ideas?:dk:
  10. shanksy

    W124 - Chrome strip from side trim

    Looking for either the chrome strip or a donor piece of trim including the chrome for a facelifted W124 coupe. Trim piece is the one directly behind the drivers door on the drivers side. Old one came loose one end and got bent off in a carwash :( Finding it hard to source
  11. masqueraid

    W211 Roof Strip

    The offside roof strip (the one that runs front-to-back wit the points for attaching a roof rack) has suddenly decided to lift at the back of the E220. It looks for all the world as if some kind of clip has failed but I can see anything broken. It just obstinately refuses to go back down and...
  12. Deadly Dave

    C124 rear bumper strip.

    Can someone tell me if the rub strip in the rear bumper of a CE is the same as a saloon please. Thanks Dave
  13. -Ian

    W204 Tail gate chrome strip removals. How to guide

    Recently I plasti dipped the chrome strip on my tail gate but I wasn't happy with the finish so today I vinyl wrapped it. Sure I could have done it with it still on the car but as I love to fettle I decided to remove it to ensure a perfect finish. No photos of the first bit but tbh none...
  14. shanksy

    W124 - Chrome strip from side trim

    The piece of chrome strip that sits in the plastic immediately behind the front drivers door, in front of the rear arch came loose at one end. One visit to the carwash just now and it has bent right out. Does anyone have one of these spare in a piece of trim unused ? If it came with some...
  15. S

    2003 CLK Front bumper chrome insert strip (passenger side) A209 885 0321

    Listing here. Thanks 2003 CLK Front bumper chrome insert strip (passenger side) A209 885 0321 | eBay
  16. A

    W204 chrome window strips

    I'm after the chrome window strips that go on each door below the windows. I have a 2007 plate if that makes a difference to facelift models. Cheers Ash
  17. ACID

    Drag Strip 12/10/2014 Shakespeare County Raceway

    Last Minute Drag Racing If anyone is Free we will be there testing a few cars :) Hope the weather is good...:crazy: Shakespeare County Raceway Long Marston Airfield, Campden Rd, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8LL Acid
  18. optimusprime

    wiper strip down

    Hi. I am in need of a little information ,the window wiper on my car W124 260E is due for a service. I have read about how to do it.Yesterday i went out to the car to tackle this job. The posts i had seen, looked easy.Well , the first problem was this wiper had some sort of metal cover on, and...
  19. W

    W211 Chrome Door Strip Replacement

    Can anyone tell me how to replace the chrome strip on the doors of an 08 E Class? I have the new strip which you can only buy new with the whole door strip but having tried tentatively to pop the old one off it didn't seem to want to move far
  20. R

    Gearbox: 717.413 and 717.417 strip ?

    Hi Folks, Does anyone have any experience of stripping either the 717.413 (W124) or the 717.417 (W202 or W210) manual gearboxes ? Why do i ask ? i've converted a 717.417 to suit my W124 (replacing her broken 717.413 gearbox) but would now like to take one completely apart. .417 to...
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