1. FordToMerc

    Chrome Strips

    Advice needed please: I have decided to put non OEM chrome strips around my 2012 C-Class SE exec. The price of OEM strips are horrendous. So will use the self adhesive type found on eBay with 3m tape. What I need to know in order to make it look similar to original strips as possible is the...
  2. FROGM5

    CLK W209 Illuminated Kick Strips

    Have just fitted some aftermarket illuminated kick strips and am now looking at where to wire them in? I thought of piggy backing the puddle lights but found no way in to the door jam loom conduit Must be an easier way, anybody help???
  3. R

    Sill strips

    Anyone know if I can buy the two aluminium strips which sit on the sills of each door. W124 E Class 1995 SALOON
  4. S

    W204 Roof strips both sides

    Does anyone have a part number for these and a rough estimate of cost as mine need replacing cheers
  5. M

    'Protective strips' for my 'Mountain grey' A class

    Getting excited as my A class delivery is just 1.5 month away...!! After a recent car park knock keen to get some sort of 'protective strips' for my 'Mountain grey' A class, especially while parking narrow super market car parks. Any one used or can suggest quality item which could last...
  6. I

    Want to convert Vito van cargo bay lights to LED strips

    Hi guys / gals. New to this forum, so hi to everyone. I have just bought a NEW vito 116 Bluetec van. I had my last Vito van from new since 2004. Loved it :-). Ok, so in my last van I converted the rear cargo bay silly little light, to two strips of LEDs, simply by wiring them straight to the...
  7. V

    Removing spongy double sided strips

    I have some spongy double sided strips holding on the reg number on the rear of my car, going to put my own private reg on which will be shorter than the orig but there will be some strips showing either side.. How do I go about removing these along wit the sticky residue they will leave...
  8. John

    Roof strips from windscreen to rear window - price?

    Anyone know how much those metal strips cost, which run from the windscreen either side of the roof to the back window? They are body coloured and popped out when the windscreen is replaced.
  9. A

    W204 chrome window strips

    I'm after the chrome window strips that go on each door below the windows. I have a 2007 plate if that makes a difference to facelift models. Cheers Ash
  10. J

    W211 door and bumper bump strips how to remove?

    How do you remove the bump strips from the car? It's a e55 amg if that matters I want to take them all off for cleaning behind and wrapping of the Crome part but I want to remove the whole part (body colour and chrome)
  11. B

    Chrome strips hard top R107 sl 500 1989

    I am looking for the N/s and O/s chrome strips on the hard top for my car.the part no.MA1076981184/69812.please call+447718525526 if you can help
  12. richard300

    W124 'black plastic' bumper strips.

    Do the black (pre facelift car) bumper trims, rubbing strips (or whatever they are called) just clip in place? It looks like mine may have a few broken clips running along the top of the trim, and could probably do with being replaced. Does it just pull off if you prise it carefully...
  13. E

    WTB - R230 front bumper impact strips

    Hi All, looking for the above, the left & right front impact strips with the parktronic holes. Anyone have them? Thanks!
  14. E

    R230 front bumper impact strips

    Hi All, does anyone have a pair (left & right) of 2001-05 impact strips with parktronic holes? or would if anyone could recommend a good wrecker to search/contact I'd be very grateful! Thank you in advance!
  15. MartinGB

    W204 Facelift, Steel strips in door panels

    Hey guys, I've just bought a C180 AMG Sport, which was an ex-demo. The steel strip in the drivers door has loads of dints and chips from the seat belt buckle hitting it when removing the seat belt. I spoke to my dealers and they said that they would have to replace the entire door panel...
  16. W

    c class w204 hood bonnet strips c63 look

    1st of all i hope this is the correct section to post ? Just something i thought i would share as it would be of interest to others as i remember in past people asked about it.
  17. 300CE

    Mercedes w124 e-class amg coupe chrome sill door rubbing strips

  18. S

    W203 door cover strips

    :wallbash: Decided to take black door cover strips ( bottom of each door ) off to remove some surface rust and repaint. Having a problem refixing strips, they keep sliding off door. Anyone got any advice on how to keep them in place, is there a special solution available, silicon makes them slip...
  19. Real Merc Man

    Tyres with kerb strips

    Hi, I have 18" Alloys and worried about kerb scuffing any tried some of the tyres that have a small kerb strip on them and if so do they help or will I be wasting my money on them. Many thanks in advance
  20. crookedvulture

    Help needed wiring in LED Footwell Strips

    Hi guys, I was wondering if there is a way to wire in LED footwell strips so that they dim with the dome light the doors are closed? And turn on when the car is unlocked with the remote, etc.. Any help would be much appreciated, at the moment the only partial success I am having is this...
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