1. grober

    Count Arthur Strong back in Telly

    Count Arthur Strong back on Telly Just started a new television series. Comedy Genius. [YOUTUBE HD]QbNKNqOwgMo[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. D

    190 sl for restoration asking very strong money only for the brave

    Mercedes Benz 190SL 1900 1959 BARN FIND 1 OWNER VEHICLE CLASSIC RESTORATION | eBay
  3. S

    Strong money for an SL55 F1

    Historics at Brooklands - Specialist Classic and Sports Car Auctioneers - REF 75 2006 Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG F1 Performance Package
  4. S

    Mercedes sl350 r107 strong petrol fumes

    I have a 1972 Mercedes sl350 r107 which runs well and ticks over nicely but has a strong petrol smell, particularly when first running. Just wondered if you guys could point me in the right direction. A couple of guys said could be injectors need replacing but runs really well so a bit stumped...
  5. Mr Fixit

    Brendrup 2205 Strong series braked trailer

    Selling a superb 6'8 x 4'2 braked trailer, tows really well and is very strong!!:thumb: I changed to this from a bike trailer as it is more general purpose and will take a bike!! Linky;- Brenderup 2205 Braked 6'8 x4'2 Strong series trailer with Jockey wheel and Cover | United Kingdom |...
  6. merc85

    e55k Transmission how strong??

    As above seeing a few ads which say Gearbox rebuild has been done, on the 211's how common is it for the gearbox's to require a rebuild? Are are they usually due to glycol contamination? what sort of mileage do the box's last till and what give it away the box is on its last legs?
  7. grumpyoldgit

    Sky Sports F1 2014: How Mercedes become so strong in 2014

  8. N

    sprinter 311cdi lumpy engine white smoke on idle very strong fuel smell help please ?

    first off would like to just say hello as this is my first post and hoping someone here can help with my problem as i am throwing money down the drain now as my title says i am having lots of problems with my van over the past few months, it is a mercedes sprinter 311cdi on a 57 plate...
  9. W

    W208 Strong smell of petrol

    Hi, After filling up my W208 320 has a strong smell of petrol in the boot and around its rear end. Not noticeable around the filler cap and it disapears after 30 or so miles, any ideas please? have tried the search button but no luck:dk: Cheers Will
  10. ringway

    Count Arthur Strong. BBC 2 Monday 8th of July.

    After years of "Un-bloody believable" success on BBC Radio 4, Count Arthur Strong finally gets his chance to shine in his own TV series which starts on Monday 8th of July on BBC 2 at 8.30pm. LINK. Put this in your diary in "Thriplicate" and he's sure to make you an offer he can't refuse. :thumb:
  11. vijilants

    They dont make bonnets as strong as this any more !

    Mercedes E320 Cdi | eBay
  12. C

    R129 strong plastic burning smell

    Gents, wonder if you can help, i have an r129 sl 320 98 model, after ive have had the aircon on for around 10min, i get a really strong plastic burning smell coming form the drivers side air vent!? everything still works correctly and ive had a look underneath to see if its plastic bag or...
  13. carat 3.6

    Still going strong.

    102-Year-Old Woman Still Drives Her 82-Year-Old Car
  14. ringway

    Count Arthur Strong. New series, BBC Radio 4 this evening.

    Another Count Arthur Strong series begins this evening at 6.30 on BBC Radio 4. :bannana: LINK.
  15. R

    Starkbierzeit - German Strong Beer Festival - Munich?

    Hi Has anyone ever been to Starkbierzeit - German Strong Beer Festival in Munich? If so, what's it like in terms of atmosphere, fun, and average age of people who you tend to see out? Cheers
  16. ringway

    Listen to Count Arthur Strong.

    Count Arthur Strong. You'll either like it or loathe it. Three you tube clips that form the 30 minute "Keep Fit" episode. There's little of the better performances on You-Tube, but the radio Show CD's are available to buy and are well worth having. OmL28oS9C1o&NR=1...
  17. D

    211 320 cdi. Strong values still

    Good money for a high mileage(to most) E320 Cdi Avantgarde with panoramic roof 2004 MERCEDES E320 CDI AVANTGARDE PANORAMA AUTO DIESEL on eBay (end time 06-Oct-10 20:01:02 BST)
  18. ringway

    Count Arthur Strong. Another Series On BBC Radio 4.

    Count Arthur Strong is back for series 5 on BBC Radio 4. LINK. It takes a few episodes to get the full picture with "Count Arthur" but he is well worth listening to. Some of the content is especially funny and best listened to several times to fully apreciate. :thumb: The show is...
  19. M

    190000 and going strong

    I hit 190,000 Miles on my W124 coupe this morning. :thumb: K
  20. d w124

    How strong W124s are

    On my way home last night,just siting on trafic than BANG big time:mad:.This lady behind me hit me so hard,i thought i broke my back.Got out thinking that`s it,my bumper is gone.The car that hit me was a focus and the front bumper and grill gone,and it even started leaking water so i guess the...
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