1. M

    W203 strut bearing rubber 'nubs' direction

    Hi All, Can anyone advise what direction the fat and thin 'nubs' on the strut mount should be? I recently changed both front shocks and fitted the strut bearings back as was. Currently trying to track down why the front driver side wheel has a clunk and feels like it its bobbing up and...
  2. WantSL55

    R230 ABC problem

    The left rear strut on My 2004 SL55 has suddenly become inoperative. Driving the car on Thursday and got a "grey" ABC fault "visit workshop" message, drove 10 miles to get home and could feel no difference with ride/handling. Switched off engine whilst moving cars to park it and when...
  3. t567wab

    E55 strut reservoir repair.

    So finally I've found the leak on my rear suspension :banana: Right side bubbling like mad,left side just about. As few on here knows already it's almost impossible to find even reconditioned part. I've managed to find the guy who can fabricate the nipple and weld it back in place. My...
  4. J

    URGENT HELP: CLS (W219) Strut Failure

    Car been into a local specialist after front suspension dropped following only recently repairing the rear. Quoting £650 + vat + fitting. Main dealer wants £850 + fitting. Are there any companies on here or any contacts I can try for a supply of the strut? Thanks in advance
  5. S

    Recommendations for a replacement W221 strut

    Need to replace the front strut on my W221 - don't wish to pay the dealer price, anyone care to offer any suggestions or recommendation for an alternative strut. Replacement alternatives I'm aware of: - Air Dominance - Aerosus In terms of pricing...
  6. merc85

    W211 Air matic strut, Rains but it pours :(

    We yep My front struts are leaking, Car would drop over 3 days aprox 20mm found a leak on the Aftermarket AVR strut which was replaced in 2011. The osf is a original AMG unit and im pretty sure its leaking too. So were is the best place to get 2x new units, Tbh im all dried money wise so cheap...
  7. Audio Addict

    C63 Front Strut Brace

    An anyone recommend a front strut brace for a C63 please? There seems to be quite a lot of choice and wondered if there any recommended ones and equally any to avoid. Thanks
  8. Rosso1

    Replacing a Rear ABC Strut on Mercedes SL-Class R230 with Arnott Remanufactured Strut

    Replacing a Rear ABC Strut on Mercedes SL-Class R230 with Arnott Remanufactured Strut
  9. L

    Airmatic strut

    I am in need of a new front airmatic strut. Has anybody got any recommendations where to source one from? I have seen remanufactured ones on eBay with a 2 year warranty for £429. Thanks, Tony
  10. Teshie

    W221 Front Strut on Ebay

    I have a clunk on the off side front of my 2008 S Class 320cdi After replacing the antiroll bar drop links and all of the suspension arms, with the exception of the upper wishbone. I've narrowed it down to the strut assembly (I think?) After pricing them at the dealer ( over £1000) I started...
  11. P

    W219 CLS 320CDI Airmatic strut rebuild

    I came out the other morning to discover my car sitting on top of all four wheels, hoping it was merely my compressor at fault, however my front passenger side strut seems to have failed completely. The locking circlip seems to have been lost somewhere and completely left the strut assembly...
  12. Borys

    Airmatic strut question

    Car is cls500. I do have a bad knock in front drivers side. Inspected and tie rod end was shot. We did replaced inner, outer rods on both sides today. Knock is still there, we cannot fault the suspension elsewhere, bushes wise. I remember had a bad shock on w221 and it was knocking loudly but...
  13. M

    W220 Boot Strut

    My W220 is missing one boot strut, and the other looks like the image below. Is there a normal gas strut inside these springs? If so how do I fit it? Thanks
  14. zoros

    SL 55 AMG front strut ball joint repair

    I've noticed hardly no or very little conversation on this MB club forum about this, whereas on other similar sites it has been comprehensively covered - don't know why that should be - especially since it is an absolute essential to be aware of as this repair will save thousands of pounds...
  15. Hunty2198

    New/referbished strut

    Does anyone know where I can find a new or referbished front left strut for my CLS 63 w219?
  16. N

    cl500 2000 w215 front strut mounts

    Hi all I have a 2000 cl500 with front shock absorbers that might need a new top strut mount, does anyone know if they are available and where from cheers
  17. N

    cl500 w215 front strut mount/shocks

    Hi all I have a 2000 cl500 with front shock absorbers that might need a new top strut mount, does anyone know if they are available and where from cheers
  18. C

    Wheel Balance effect on ABC Pump, Hydraulic Suspension, Strut

    HOW DOES BALANCING AFFECT YOUR CAR – and how it can damage your Mercedes ABC hydraulic system parts such as the ABC Pump, Accumulators, Valve Bocks and Hydraulic Suspension Struts. The sign of unbalanced wheels is a wobbly steering wheel when you are driving above a certain speed – usually...
  19. W

    R230 (SL350) Boot Lid Gas Strut Question

    Hi, I have an issue where the Boot Lid on my SL350 will not stay open, but continually falls on my head - I need to replace the Boot Lid Gas Struts where they even have their Part Number conveniently written on them (Q7 A230 750 0036). My question concerns the fact that I have (in error)...
  20. terry@yarmouth

    W211 torque strut bush repair

    Looking to replace both front bushes, merc part number MA211 333 29 14' any idea of the best place to get these from. Best price wise. Bush extracter kit if there is one for these ?. Doesn't look much of a job, anything specific I should be aware of ?. Any input very much appreciated. Thanks all.
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