1. homersimpson

    ABC Struts

    Its now possible to buy replacement dust covers for ABC struts... This is the rear but fronts are also available.... :thumb: Mercedes W220 , W215 , Rear ABC Shock Absorber dust Cover, Boot Repair | eBay
  2. MB-tex

    w124 estate rear suspension struts question.

    Hi All I'm the middle of a subframe replacement adventure on my 96 e280 estate. I got an old subframe that I have pressed out bushings from and got shot blasted. I am about to order one of these lemforder suspension link kits (4 each side) and I have a query: Is one of the bars in the kit...
  3. G

    Tailgate Struts - OE or Febi / Magneti-Marelli?

    I want to replace the tailgate struts on my A200 2006 C169 - it takes a bit too long to reach the top open position (particularly in this cold weather), and silicone lubricant spray doesn't help much anymore. The Mercedes original ones, which I suspect made by one of the companies mentioned...
  4. B

    AIRmatic and depressurised struts

    I had the car left at a slope where it levelled low back and high front. It was sat there for about two months with the battery out whilst I was doing the head gasket job. Rear axle dropped right down. When I finished, I started the engine up, car lifted up ok, no errors on dashboard. But, as...
  5. T

    SL55 Suspension Struts

    Good to know that you can get new suspension struts with a 3 year warranty from Euro Car Parts. If you ask for 'trade discount' they are only (i say 'only' as its the cheapest price I have found) £680 including the VAT. Takes 2-3 days to get them ordered in.
  6. P

    Changing struts on a W168

    Hi guys, Just a quick question....for anyone who has changed struts on a w168 a class, does the wheel alignment need re setting afterwards? From what I can see its the two small bolts on the top mount, and the two big bolts at the bottom of the leg.....which dont seems to have any room...
  7. Dizzy

    W204 struts

    Hi, can anyone recommend aftermarket struts/dampers for a w204 cdi elegance estate that would give a better ride than om equipment? I am more for comfort than speed so don't require uprated items just a softer ride.:D
  8. IMD

    Rough road handling! Life span on struts and springs?

    Hi all, I'm wondering what the effective lifespan is of factory fitted struts and springs? My R129 is really starting to rattle and bounce alarmingly when driving over rougher country roads. I know that the staggered 18 inch wheels don't help and I'm having some suspension components checked...
  9. S

    w123 SLS suspension struts

    How difficult are these to remove, inspect and replace? I have a 240TD 1981. T The FSM implies it is pretty easy but does not mention bleeding the system after reconnecting - which surprises me since there is only one connection to the strut so it is not as though the liquid recirculates and...
  10. A

    Boot separator gas struts on W209 CLK 280

    Hi, My boot separator on my CLK seems to pop back open every time I close it. I have had a quick look online and believe this to be the gas struts that hold it open. Has anyone else had this problem also is there a how to on changing them? Thanks. Albert.
  11. W

    W163 Rear shock struts 2000 ML270CDI

    I recently purchased a 5 seater ML270CDI And have been working through all the issues in finding. (Was a rushed purchase and didn't have time to look it over very well before I purchased it and it is my first Merc) first tasking was the "Black Death" as I've come to learn its called. Figured...
  12. Peter103

    Suspension Struts E220 Coupe

    :(I've just had the two front suspension struts replaced on my 8000 ml. E 220 AMG Coupe 2014 I had noticed a clunk from the front when reversing to the right, I took it back three times to MB dealer he could find nothing wrong, eventually he rang Mercedes who had heard of this a few times on...
  13. karozza

    Sl55 rear struts

    So, one of my rear struts is now weeping fluid & so eventually will have to be replaced :fail My question; do these have to be replaced in pairs as we normally do with normal shock absorbers, or is it safe to just replace the one unit??
  14. P

    R129 300SL boot lid gas struts

    The boot lid on my 1997 300SL no longer pops up on opening and I guess there's something amiss with the gas strut. How many are there - 1 or 2 (one per side) - and are they difficult to replace?
  15. Meldrew2

    787 Dreamliner struts it's stuff

    Rehearsing for Farnborough Air Show, Boeing's test pilots show what a normal passenger plane is capable of…. GZRKm6PG918
  16. L

    R129 SL 60 AMG New struts

    I've bought new front struts for my '97 SL 60 but dont know what the torque wrench settings are for the bolts that secure to the hub. Does anybody knoww the settings or is there a manual available or a web site that has this stuff? I'm also replacing the strut top mounts but was unimpressed...
  17. X

    W203 coupe Boot hatch struts

    Hi I have w203 c220 cdi. The boot is now struggling to open on its own. It needs that extra push which is a tad inconvenient. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on the replacement part. I see a pair used on ebay for £20 that seems promising. Mercedes C-Class Sport...
  18. D

    Bonnet Support Struts W163

    Hello to all, new member here. Does anyone know the part number for the bonnet support gas struts on a 2003 ML270 W163 please? Mine are getting very tired, and as a follicly challenged man it's beginning to hurt having the bonnet resting on by head while checking the oil! Many thanks.
  19. E

    S211 Tailgate Gas Struts

    I have had a poke about in the search and haven't come with anything definitive. I have been quoted £85 per side for struts and four hours labour for changing them. I can get the struts cheaper and I understand from the search that it isn't necessary to drop the entire headlining which saves...
  20. M

    S210 boot struts

    Are the tailgate struts for the S210 the same as the bonnet struts?
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