1. S

    Stubborn Damaged Screws

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any ideas how to tackle stubborn phillips screws? I am trying to get the Voltage Reg off of the Alternator in situ. The connectors and cover is off, and one of the three phillips screws is out, but one is stuck fast and rounded a bit. The one on the bottom I have cut...
  2. D

    W163 ML270 stubborn injector removal

    Hi all The problem I've got is this: I'm currently in the process of removing all 5 injectors and replacing seals and bolts to solve a blowing injector / black death problem. I have done four with no major problems, but injector number 4 is stubborn. I just can't get it out, but is...
  3. BTB 500

    Stubborn marks on alloys that 'Wonder Wheels' is struggling with

    OK decided to attack the grime-black (supposed to be silver :o) alloys on the Audi today. Wonder Wheels has done a pretty good job, but one of them still has a fair bit of baked-on grime that is taking ages to shift. I've done that wheel four or five times so far, scrubbing away for hours...
  4. P

    Removing a stubborn Oil filter !

    Hi, Having been carless for the last week I was due to be picking up a Saab900 as a stop gap yesterday... Having then had it put back to the end of next week due to "yet another excuse" (thrid one ...) I dumped the car. So now I have bought a 1987 300E saloon of a chap near me I had been...
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