1. T

    Stud walls

    I want to put a cabinet on my bathroom wall, it is a tiled stud wall so any ideas what to use as fixings to hold it up, I don't want to use what they call Toggles. Any ideas will be much appreciated.
  2. vito stan

    all models stud patterns and offsets

    Hi all. Just incase anyone is interested here is a website for all makes and models off stud patterns and offsets. Hope it helps someone.
  3. vito stan

    638 stud pattern

    Hi everyone, does anyone know what alloy will fit my 638 02 please, or if anyone knows a website that can give me info. I'm wondering if BMW wheels or VW wheels would fit it. Thanks for any help in advance
  4. M

    Pair of Hubcentric 20mm wheel spacers 5 stud 5x112PCD 66.6 centre bore,

    Pair of Hubcentric 20mm wheel spacers 5 stud 5x112PCD 66.6 centre bore, Mercedes etc. Brand new and unused, bought these for my Mercedes CLS when I bought 20 inch wheels for it, but never got round to putting them on then sold the car. So these have been sat in the garage since. £60 + P&P...
  5. D

    Stud sheared off

    I am about to change the fuel filter on my R129 but first removed the cover to inspect the filter. Despite spraying the plastic retaining nuts with WD40 first and being gentle, one stud immediately snapped off and sods law it was on the rear where there is only one so the cover probably won't...
  6. A

    SLK with GSOH seeks NE stud with STAR

    Yes - sorry, but it is another message about making it possible to switch the "KPH" display under the gear readout to MPH (or outside temp) like everywhere in the world except the UK. I have read everything on here (and elsewhere) about the issue which seems to be a matter of switching off...
  7. L

    Adaharaz alloy stud length

    Hi. 1st time on the forum. Just bought some 17" Adharaz alloys/tyres for my father's 2005 220cdi w203. Problem is that I need to establish what length wheel studs I require to fit them on. Can anybody advise at all? Its currently fitted with 50mm length studs which are too small Thanks.
  8. flango

    AMG type Aluminium rubber stud pedals W208 CLK Manual

    Could anyone confirm the part numbers for the above, as from what I've received so far there appears to be some discrepency and I'm worried that I might actually order the wrong thing as some of the numbers I've been given might refer to a W209 and not a W208 any help or confirmation would be...
  9. A

    Help with Insulating a stud wall and U values??

    Hello, I am in the process of converting a garage that we don't use into a play room / study area.. The garage is attached to our house and the next house via his garage. We have studdied out the walls and I have 50mm gaps between the stud framework. I have on order polestirine sheets...
  10. Benzowner

    Are all 5 stud wheels the same?

    Can you help? Obviously subject to offset, will all 12mm x 5 stud wheels fit Mercedes are are there different spacings. Thanks in advance
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