1. Palmball

    SLS Design Studio Upgrades....almost finally complete

    Now being on my second SLS meant that I really needed a second round of AMG Design Studio upgrades....AMG ownership just calls out for any kind of excuse to travel to Affalterbach ;) I'm getting kind of excited because I've been without the car since mid-August and I collect it on Friday :)...
  2. jonnymerc

    For sale dr dre beats studio headphones white

    Selling dr dre beats studio headphones white less than six months old hardly used in excellent condition noise cancelling cost £300 looking for £200/ make me an offer you can contact me on 07447586192 or through the forum messaging service thanks
  3. G

    Dell XPS Studio 13 laptop

    Hi, Change in personal circumstance means I have to part company with my trusty Dell windows version of a Mac - albeit a poor sibling to a Mac, it is nonetheless an excellent machine. It's on flea bay as per link below with full description, but I need cash sadly so happy to let it go to forum...
  4. Johnmichaelgawl

    Detailing studio in glasgow....

    I had my car done at undercover Valeting and detailing a few months back. Had the full works done. Safe wash De tar Clay bar Hand polish And finally 2 coats of auto glum HD wax Had the interior detailed too All for a very good price The guys down there are amazing Just off the motorway at...
  5. V

    W123 needed for studio photoshoot

    * Folks, I help research the buying guides for Practical Classics and the next one I’ve been asked to do is on the W123. I need to find a tidy example, which I can put into the studio to photograph for the piece. Can you please get in touch with me if you’ve got a car that we can put...
  6. The Boss

    QUESTION: what is microsoft visual studio debugger an exception occurred 00413e6C?

    microsoft visual studio debugger an exception occurred 00413e6C? i keep getting this pop up.. after the comp is on for 2-3 hours... and i can not get rid of it... until i reboot.. as my comp is on forever, i cant keep rebooting etc... havent a clue why i get it.. has been happening for...
  7. Palmball

    AMG Performance Studio - C63 interior

    My 3-week C63 'drought' is over :rock:, I finally picked the car up (again!) from AMG yesterday after they transformed the interior of my car. After owning a BMW M6 which had a full-leather dash option (and was absolutely stunning inside,) I knew that I really could make the C63 a special car...
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Tree Huggers rejoice! ML63 AMG 10th Anniversary' & 'Performance Studio' Special Editi

    Green Mototring starts here! ;) ML 63 AMG "Performance Studio": Maximum luxury fittings With the ML 63 AMG "Performance Studio", the AMG PERFORMANCE STUDIO, opened in 2006, showcases its expertise in helping realise the dreams of individual motorists, offering exclusivity at the...
  9. eGuru

    Final Cut Studio

    Long shot but have just purchased 2 copies of this software on ebay. Any budding movie editors out there can take one off my hands for £300 plus postage. Jay
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