1. G

    Passenger side mat doesn't have any securing studs to stop it riding up

    Passenger side mat doesn't have any securing studs to stop it riding up Any ideas? Sent from my GEM-702L using Tapatalk
  2. N

    SLK wheels studs for Vito W638

    Hi guys I just bought a used set of 2006 SLK alloys from my W638 Vito. I check the PCD, offset etc. and all seems good, but the wheel bolts from the alloys are a smaller diameter than the ones off the existing steel wheels. It seems the steel wheels have a 14mm bolt, but the alloys have 12mm...
  3. T

    Wrong wheel studs for spare?

    Car loaded ready for trip with kids to Suffolk. Parked up in local supermarket car park and tore a small hole in the sidewall of my 2 month old premium contact 5 (osr). Proceeded to put on spare but wheel nuts protruding slightly. Set off to local tyre shop to get replacement tyre but slight...
  4. Lee C63

    C63 Headbolts changed out for Weistec ARP Studs

    Well its been in "the Plan" for a while to change out my headbolts for the Weistec ARP studs as my engine number falls into the effected range (Pretty much any pre-facelift car). After several discussions with Acid and Weistec and plenty trawling through the American forums i opted for changing...
  5. D

    Random - What wheel studs for these rims

    I've got my rims back from being painted and will soon befitting them. My car is a 2002 C220 Coupe with standard 16" alloys. The current wheel studs won't fit correctly so I'm wondering is there a specific size etc I need to get. Sorry a bit random and silly but I prefer to clean cars than...
  6. C

    Wheel locating studs

    Does anyone have the MB part number for wheel locating studs for a 2005 R230 SL500 ? These used to be about £3 or so each - are they still competitive with those from ebay ? Am I right in thinking that they are 14mm size ?
  7. E

    Undertray studs

    I seem to have an undertray stud missing off the body behind my offside front wheel, where the engine undertray and main undertray meets. Anyone got any good suggestions to fix?
  8. M

    mercedes alloys wheels, 18" black with studs with diamond polished lips

    mercedes alloys wheels, 18" black with studs with diamond polished lips With like new tyres... (Are fitted to c220 sport 1998 s reg) £300 .ono *upto £100 cheaper if you can leave your old wheels with me...* (these would cost you 700 on ebay with tyres...) Please PM me.. based in London...
  9. D

    Studs on Manifold Sheared

    Hi Car is in for the Port Inlet Shutoff Motor at present. I have had a call to say that two manifold stud's have sheared? Is this a risk of the work or could there have been carelessness. Not sure where to position myself on the cost as yet, but definitely do not want to be unreasonable.
  10. C

    AMG wheel studs

    Where best to get a new set of studs to replace the corroded ones on my SLK32 AMG?
  11. D

    8 Hole Alloy Wheel Studs

    Hi, Does anyone Know where i could find a set of studs to fit the 8 Hole wheels. Just picked up a set of 5wheels with tyres but need the Longer studs to fit them. Has anyone got any going spare or for sale?? Kind Regards,
  12. H

    E class W210 wheel studs and offset

    I have a E220 estate S/hand, but when the car was new the alloys where upgraded from 16" offset 41 to 17" offset 35, now I have aquired a nice set of 18" offset 30, they fit OK no fouling or protruding, The rear studs where OK, but the front studs bottom out before they are tight, as anyone any...
  13. verytalldave

    Seatbelt retaining studs

    On two of my seatbelts, the small black plastic studs (about the size of a 5p coin) that prevent the chrome fixing buckle from falling to the bottom of the belt have broken off and gone missing. Its only a small point, but its annoying. Are these available to buy and fit at home? :confused...
  14. N

    Alloy wheel studs instead of bolts

    Hi Guys and Gals What do you think of these and has anybody changed to studs and found them ok they are for a C200 (202). Ebay number 7989096085 Norman
  15. G

    C180K Front Mat "studs"

    Folks, Any know of a source of the "cups" trhat clip into studs in the drivers side of the C series. Mine came without a drivers mat:(
  16. A

    W210 snapped wheel studs HELP!!!!!!

    I went to get new front tyres fitted to my 300td but one of the wheel studs has snapped off and the tyre fitters said they have had quite a few lately.The wheels are standard alloy as per ellegance spec, has any body got advice what is the best way to remove the stud.
  17. nigel cross

    OEM Locking Wheel Studs

    Can anybody out there tell me if the Latest version of locking wheel studs are no longer chrome plated at the top but are simply paintedall over? Or is somebody trying to pull the wool over my eyes :confused:
  18. L

    Wheel Studs

    Would anyone happen to know if the wheel studs on a R129 are the same as those on a 2003 SL ? It would be really helpful to know what models share the same wheel studs. I believe, for example, that CLS studs are different from R129 ones- is this correct?
  19. watsone91

    WARNING watch those studs!!!!!

    Just got back from an 800 mile round trip in my c220d and have a tale of woe to tell :crazy: . Got a puncture at high speed on the M6 just outside Stafford called the AA to help and the man arrived promptly he removed the wheel (alloy) and put the spare on (steel wheel) i gave him the studs...
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