1. A

    Ceramic break pads or red stuff or alternative

    Looking to change my front brake pads. Have noticed euro car parts have ATE ceramic so looked at a few reviews some good and some bad. Any recommendations on pads to buy? EBC Red Stuff came up in a few searches but some people saying that the initial bite is not as good.
  2. I

    W124 Windsceen fitting vid, stunning stuff! Utterly enthralling, it's even got the eighties porn background music - if I remember rightly!
  3. E

    Miscellaneous R129 stuff

    R129 stuff - bonnet pad, throttle cable, thermostat, boot badge I still have one or two rather forlorn reminders of the R129 SL500: Bonnet insulation pad, with clips, brand new in the box: one of these Mercedes-Benz Motorhaubendämmmatte Motorhaubendämmung Dämmmatte Hood Pad R129 SL | eBay...
  4. A

    Wrapped the simple stuff

    Been wanting to blank my chrome for a bit, so today I thought I'd have a go at wrapping some of the easy trim. Wrapped the chrome on the grill bar and fitted a bit of red piping trim And did the belt line as well. Really pleased how it's turned out. Going have a go at doing the...
  5. bob6600

    Lidl stuff (again)

    I'm sure daveenty posted this but could not find it The 12v oil sucker is now live, £12.99 so I had to pick one up because erm I saw it lol. I also saw a 1000kg chain lift for £29.99 but could not justify buying it although that may change! Can't see it online though. Again comes with 3 year...
  6. neil2860

    Good stuff at good prices.

    Bought a bunch of cleaning goodies from The Polishing Booth, very reasonably priced, good service and the guy really knows his stuff when it comes to getting your pride and joy back to looking shiny. The Polishing Booth - Car Detailing Supplies
  7. D

    Wierd stuff on my car

    Hi Everyone, I live in Cyprus and have just received my car from the uk. It is a 2013 E350 Bluetec estate. The car is perfect and am amazed by the whole car. It is my first diesel and the 3 liter power plant is just WOW:eek: Anyway! I have a few questions that hopefully someone knows...
  8. John Jones Jr

    Have a look. Loads of stuff and things you don't need!

    Still, it might be handy site to know about. Online Shopping for Cool Gadgets, RC helicopter & Quadcopter, Mobile phone, Fashion at
  9. mat8n

    House stuff wanted

    I'm moving house at the end of November from a furnished place to an unfurnished place, so I'm needing everything to get me going, sofa, beds, wardrobes, cutlery and plates, etc etc etc. At the moment I'm after free/cheap stuff as it's just to get me going for now. I also can't store...
  10. Tim203

    Pirates, yoga and exercise stuff.

    Interesting how many people nowadays days are trying to hold back the tides of time. Hats off to Patagonian for his Pilates post. I'll be 50 next year and have been a professional pub sportsman for many a year, never been much overweight, but often been to the osteopath. Always been pants at...
  11. Red C220

    Starguard and stuff

    So having ordered a new car this week the dealer tried to upsell the list of add ons as they do. I listen politely then refuse them all thank you. It feels like PPI for the automotive industry. Anyhow it's got me thinking. I've never been into "detailing" but our new car will have Designo...
  12. yuriboy

    slk r172 stuff wanted

    hi all i am looking for a smart top roof controller for slk r172 and also a illuminated door sills , illuminated wind breaker ,AMG boot lip spoiler , chrome bonnet fins ,amg door pins , mud flaps ,rubber boot liner ,rubber floor mats .. i would prefer genuine Mercedes parts where possible ...
  13. F

    Rubbery stuff underneath

    Hi all, I need to make some repair to the rubbery coating under the car (C43 AMG W-reg) after having some welding done and other scraping rust etc off. What exactly is it and can I get a tin of it to paint on? Regards....
  14. R

    white creamy stuff

    Hello, This morning my daughter noticed some white fluid pouring from the passenger wheel arch on my 2015 W212, E350. It felt and smelt a bit waxy/oily so I assume it's just excess protective wax that is pouring out from the sill. Does anyone think I should get someone to look at it or is it...
  15. BAZ-500SL

    V power nitro +, how good is this stuff

    Ello Ello, right as above this fancy v power nitro +, how good is it and are any if you guys in here using it and experiencing the difference, be nice to know maybe I'm missing out lol
  16. nb_racing

    Golf clutch and DM flywheel stuff

    I fear the clutch will soon be getting to the end of its life on my 2008 Golf mk5 2.0 Tdi 170.:( Any recommendations on the best brand of clutch to go for? LUK, Valeo, Sachs etc? Is it worth going away from the dual mass to a solid flywheel? Any real noticable difference either way? Any first...
  17. D

    Mile-munchers, Audis and other boring stuff!

    I'm getting rid of both the E55 and the ML and replacing them with a mile-munching estate and the other an Audi A4/A6 Quattro estate (or Avant in Audi parlance) due to next year being a very busy one work-wise; the E55 has hardly turned a wheel in the past week such is my workload. Anyway...
  18. I

    WD40....wonderful stuff

  19. John Jones Jr

    For those that like older stuff.

    The Race Of Gentlemen 2014 | Wildwood, NJ | Gallery
  20. Alps

    EBC Red stuff brakes - check regularly

    have had EBC brakes on my cars for years now, current set on the E55 for hte last 3 years, been through 2 track days and still only a third worn after 25K miles. about a month ago i started hearing a click everytime i braked, probably happening for a while but i only noticed due to the...
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