1. P

    Thats the Turkey stuffed then

    Think they have just kissed goodbye to EU membership for another century. Essentially another dictatorship in a but name!
  2. M

    Help - iOS 8 has stuffed my iPad...!

    Upgraded iPad to iOS 8 yesterday and now nothing seems to be working. Anyone else had the same problem? If you haven't done it yet, suggest you don't, it's a nightmare!
  3. M

    Is my c270 cdi Auto Gearbox stuffed ?

    Hi All, I have a 2001 270 CDi and it has been displaying the 'ESP' Go to a Garage message on the dash. This light stays off until I corner urgently, should I say, when it lights up. If I drive at motorway speed for a bit, and slow down, it has seemed as if the brakes are coming on, with a...
  4. marty359

    Intercooler stuffed??

    The C32 was loosing coolant so I took it into my indie for a pressure test (all ok) and he added some dye to the coolant some time ago and said bring it back. Weeks went by and the coolant level didn't change so I thought no more of it. Gear changes are still fine and I had the valeo rad...
  5. markjay

    Police Rescue Stuffed Animal from Man's Mercedes

    Police rescue stuffed animal from man's Mercedes - National Dogs | :dk:
  6. lynall

    Whoops just stuffed the old girl up the back of a Transit

    Poor old thing:eek: Of course transit tough as old boots some trim damage. My car rad smacked up against fan hub dumped all coolant smashed condensor rad, bumper, wings, lights etc etc Was only saying last night got to give it a service this weekend and get down the paintshop for a...
  7. R

    Stuffed under a truck....

    About a week after I discovered it was a sportline. this happened.... A 7.5t truck turned right across my path, no where else to go but underneath it. Glad I was driving the merc!! Now for the bun fight with the insurance. They've already decided it was 100% his fault, so just waiting to...
  8. Spinal

    Anyone for a stuffed animal?

    The listing speaks for itself... Spinal Has anyone even looked at that listing? Read the qns below... Quite weird! Even the media contacted him!!!
  9. pammy

    iPod/iTunes slightly stuffed

    aaaaaaaaaaaaargh - would love to post another word here that describes my frustration - but suffice to say that there is a 6 letter word ending in "ed" that describes my iPod/iTunes atm :( :mad: :crazy: Tried installing the new iPod updater s/ware that gives the "shuffle" functionality to...
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