1. lfckeeper

    The stupidity od the Theory Test

    I have my Motorcycle theory test tomorrow and during my practise for it it astounds me how stupid it is. For example, on the 'hazard awareness' if you see a child wobbling on their bike who then turns into the road, the points don't start start until the child actually turns! So you spot a...
  2. Yugguy


    There really is no limit to how idiotic people can be. Family sorry for Cheltenham car boot abduction prank - BBC News
  3. N

    Murder, manslaughter or stupidity? What killed Sprint Car racer?

    Murder, manslaughter, stupidity, racing incident? What killed Sprint Car racer? Everyone has probably seen the video...
  4. Harrythedog

    Stupidity reaches a new peak

    You just couldn't make this up

    Paying the ultimate price for stupidity...

    Harsh for the family, but maybe the ultimate deterrent... Dead body of boy racer Tao Lung left in street as deterrent after 150mph crash - Mirror Online
  6. artyman

    Brain dead

    Likely to be body dead if he does this sort of thing! Note the new CLA at the start of the clip. How not to recharge your battery - YouTube
  7. B

    Monumental Stupidity

    Yesterday I, along with my 13yo son, went out to change the oil and filters on the CLK and XC90. Did the CLK first as it is so simple. Showed him how to use the PELA pump to take the oil out, changed all the filters and got him to put the new oil in - job done. Turned our attention to the...
  8. M

    Insurance renewal stupidity

    I had my renewal through the door today as my insurance is up mid next month, i wont reveal the insurer but the quote i thought was quite reasonable at £ 395 for myself and my wife with my 5 yrs ncd. Written on the quote was " we are pleased to tell you that your premium has not increased this...
  9. camerafodder

    Parking Stupidity

    I just nipped into town to pick up my wife from the in-law's house. Some moron has parked a large generic people carrier thing right across their driveway completely blocking vehicular access. Father-in-Law called the police and within 1/2 an hour there was a fixed penalty notice on it carrying...
  10. TCADY

    Parking sensor and pure stupidity

    Thought I would share how I have suffered for weeks and now feel slightly embarrassed, but it may help someone else with OAP moments. Brace yourselves! Shortly after buying my gorgeous ML55 the left hand parking sensor was constantly on. Driving me nuts turning it off every time I started...
  11. Davo

    Clever MB electrics save me from stupidity

    I went for my first decent run in the CL500 this weekend, across the country to darkest East Yorkshire. Amused to see the trip computer range increasing on the motorway, I saw that earlier this year when I went to Goodwood with a friend in his 7 series Beemer, its as if you are making fuel...
  12. Satch

    Criminal stupidity

    Friend of my son had an ugly experience early hours of this morning On rounding corner near his home was confronted by what he initially took to be white carrier bags in the road. Tried to avoid but sadly found out they were in fact white painted rocks of the type used to prevent parking...
  13. N

    Ebay stupidity

    Mercedes W201 190/190E/190D Bonnet/Hood Insulation Pad Sold for £108 +£6 P&P. You can buy it brand new at any Merc dealer for about £70 if Inchcape is to be believed. Mercedes W201 190/190E/190D Bonnet/Hood Insulation Pad on eBay, also, Mercedes-Benz, Car Parts, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end...
  14. Satch

    Wire free stupidity

    No.1 son has finally got the bits of his new gaming 'puter lashed together and running. Very impressive apart from the fact that simply could not get the wireless card to work. Hardwired into our router all is well, but no go on wireless. So I spend ages trawling through Linksys support...
  15. masqueraid

    Distronic or just plain stupidity?

    E-Class is off the road for a few days so I'm back in the A-Class which although I love dearly is a completely different ride. Back home this evening on the usual commute which takes in a 7-8 mile stretch of winding up & down A road which is offically NSL but gives no real opportunity to...
  16. J

    Keyless Go - Stupidity Question

    Hi All, Quick question on keyless-go. With this wonder of gadgetry it's possible to get in the car, start the engine and then walk away from the car with the key in your pocket and the car keeps running. If someone else (who didn't have a key) was to then jump in the car would they; a) be...
  17. N

    Door lock - gross stupidity.

    Door won't open - Gross Stupidity Alert. Today I excelled myself in an act of absentminded muttonheadedness. The outer O/S rear door handle on my 190E 2.6 stopped working some time ago. Not a huge inconvenience as it still opened from the inside, so I figured next time it's in the shop they...
  18. Satch

    ASSYST Sevice intervals: Con or stupidity??

    I am very, very annoyed. Many W211/S211 turbo diesel owners have noted that their miles between services are a lot lower than expected and differ from that of others. I recently had a “C” service and instead of the 12,500 miles start point (20k km) expected found that I ended up with 9200...
  19. M

    stupidity metaphors

    just stumbled across this - funny files :D
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