1. Dand

    The effects of fuel prices on driving styles

    After posting on another topic its got me thinking about how relaxing my drive was the other day. I had to travel to the family business which is roughly 30 miles away from home. I mostly use the A55 which normally is a giant ball of aggression due to people driving to fast, to slow, or in the...
  2. 2phast

    Light range adjuster switch, two different styles?

    I have a light range adjuster switch part a1248000173 and just noticed that this switch does not fit my new Brabus headlight trim panel. Looks like I need a light range adjuster that is smaller than my current one. So, the big question, anyone know which one of these is the small one...
  3. pammy

    PowerPoint line styles

    I'm doing a PowerPoint presentation diagram and I'm showing dependencies between activities. Rather than use usual lines and arrows I want to show the flow direction and want a line that looks like >>>>>>>>>> type - you catch my drift I'm sure. But PP doesn't seem to have one - just lots of...
  4. N

    w202 cclass paint work and interior styles

    hi all does anyone know or have some pics of the various paint works and interior designs their are i thought there were approx 9 paints and leather is several coulors and cloth and sport cloth seems theres 2 styles of cloth aswell one apparently being nicer. and i just looked on auto trader...
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