1. GrahamC230K

    Nictry's S-Type

    Looks great! A previous moderator Wheelie bought an S-Type I am sure. He pops in from time to time so if you need an owner in the know, I'm sure a PM to him might help. I quite like the styling of the S-Type. Interior looks pretty luxurious too. Have you found any forums? I am trying to...
  2. N

    nictry's S-Type

    As promised here are some pics of my new toy, have to say I am so impressed (so far) have averaged 40+ on sensible runs, low 30s poodling around in town/traffic but the torque of this thing is amazing, floor it at 50 and it flies to 90 without flinching :devil: Anyway hope you like the pics :D
  3. culpano

    Saw off a Jaguar S-Type 3 litre last night

    Coming home from work was driving up the slip road to a motorway and suddenly the Jag appeared in my rear view mirror. The fact that he driving about 3 inches behind me indicated to me that he was going to try to overtake me and speed up to the outside lane of the motorway. So I slowed...
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