1. Tim203

    Test drive in a Subaru Forester Diesel

    Ashburton motor works very kindly lent me their Demonstrator so we could have a look at certain things. After trailer ing it halfway around England I finally drove it today for 100 miles. All I can say if you're looking for something in this size it's a great car. The boxer is sooo quiet, great...
  2. MercedesDriver

    Subaru Levorg 1.6GT

    Test drive booked for next week as I am seriously thinking of defecting from MB after many years. Levorg seams like a capable estate, at least by the reviews I managed to find. Anyone tested it already?
  3. X

    My Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type-25

    I bought this new in 2005 and try to keep it clean I've enjoyed the car but have a hankering for a SL350 if I can find a good one.
  4. grober

    Subaru LEFORG

    I have to confess this one had slipped under my radar. The quaintly named Subaru Leforg. Based on their new universal platform for all their models its due in the UK in the Autumn. If its like its fellow models it will be awell engineered bit of kit but pricey! AT present the UK are due to...
  5. V12

    Subaru estate - Outback or Legacy Diesel?

    I would appreciate any opinions or facts on the matter please, either one as they're pretty much the same thing! 2008-2010 are the only years they fitted a diesel I believe. The newer 2010+ car looks ugly!! I need an estate car and have been looking at the bottom end of the W204 market...
  6. grober

    SUBARU BRZ video advert.

    It's in Japanese but I reckon this may strike a chord with some fathers.:thumb: Oh_4S40KyHs
  7. 300CE

    300 BHP Subaru Powered Twin Turbo 1974 Devon VW Campervan "Rat Van"

    :eek: 300 BHP Subaru Powered Twin Turbo 1974 Devon VW Campervan "Rat Van" Camper | eBay
  8. Stratman

    Subaru Legacy starts first time after three months under water

    I suppose one would come in handy this summer.
  9. Godot

    Subaru Isle of Man TT Record Attempt

    Sorry, it's not MB or even MCs, but quite still a nice little film. jFlSG9_Ue4A
  10. timskemp

    Subaru drivers.

    Are they getting more cautious in their old age, or are the cars getting slower? Or are diesel family saloon cars just getting quicker?
  11. S

    2003 subaru forester x all weather silver/grey

    -Currently driving this around in between S-Classes!- £3900 This is a manual 2.0L 'X' All Weather - which means it gets, amongst a few other things, heated seats and a sunroof. It's been totally faultless during the time I've owned it - no suprises there! Absolutely everything works as...
  12. W

    Any Subaru Impreza owners?

    My apatite has been whetted and a change of cars is looking like a possibility. (keeping the Audi, selling the Smart) One option is a Subaru Impreza estate turbo (MY2000 I think). The balance between practicality and performance has me thinking it's worth trying once in your life. Simply my...
  13. W

    Gaz_L's Subaru Impreza

    Hi Gaz, That new Impreza of yours looks great. It's the same estate generation as I have looked at in the past. Like you said, there are many tired/thrashed ones out there, so it's good to see...
  14. gaz_l

    Classic shape Subaru Impreza

    Well, I finally tired of the Golf, and as I still can't find a C55 at the right price point I have gone back to an old favourite (this is my third one) - a Subaru Impreza estate. There are a lot of leggy, tired ones about now but I managed to find a low mileage, cared for example with all the...
  15. C240Sport97

    Subaru Legacy Saloon 3.0 Spec B, £8200 discount

    Anyone has any experience of the Subaru Legacy saloon? It has 240 hp Boxer 6, and all the toys (leather, sunroof, sat nav, 4WD, eletric heated seats, metallic paint), incl auto. List is £29,090. £8200 off for registration by end June 09. Tempted to get one. It's sort of related to the...
  16. flango

    How a 300 bhp Subaru just saved our lives

    Hi Gang Just had the scare of our lives, just returned from Doncaster after the usual madness of Christmas shopping and decided to go in the Scooby estate for loading room and in case of any car park dings this time of year. Coming back through a small village in a 30 mph limit I was in 2nd...
  17. E

    The Subaru dog!...Funny.

    Funny as hell! :D
  18. UnMarked

    Police Subaru catches fire!

    Well.......caught fire :D Someone was clearly unhappy about that speeding ticket :crazy: . This was one of our Scoobys until someone decided to torch it last night.
  19. garystu1965

    Had a run in with a Subaru salesman !

    Near where I work is a Subaru garage next to a BP petrol station. I was travelling up a country lane from work and approaching the junction to an A road where I would turn left and towards the petrol station. As I approached the junction this black Subaru absolutely flew past (must have been...
  20. G

    subaru v e320

    am i missing the e320 well a little bit iv owned the subaru since august and the 2 cars are night and day the noise off the subaru is near ear plugs required . the handling of the subaru is realy excellent however its got quite a lot of understeer ooow err the merc didnt do that much . the...
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