1. Dryce

    Channel 5 - Royal Navy Submarine Mission

    Having just watched a recording of this programme from C5 on Monday evening I would recommend it. It does give a pretty good impression of what it's like on a boat. The clutter of the equipment and variety and use of spaces (there are bits they never show). It's worth contrasting with the...
  2. crockers

    Submarine Racing - some awesome Pictures

    Here's some Pictures of the 2010 International Submarine racing......
  3. Howard

    Incredible Submarine Race Picture

  4. Howard

    Yellow Submarine.

    Now i'm used to seeing some pretty strange boats turn up at the lock heading up or downstream but never seen anything like this..... This arrived on Monday went upstream for a few hours, and then pottered off downstream... We said to the guy that if he had come in submerged he could have...
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