1. D

    Bowers and wilkins asw608 subwoofer

    As above , very little use. As new condition. Black ash.. Serious sound for a compact unit. Please read the on line reviews. £275 collection only please.
  2. clk320x


    Anyone selling a subwoofer of any kind please PM me.
  3. A

    Blaupunkt CMS 265 Active Subwoofer

    This is a Blaupunkt CMS 265 100 Watt Compact Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer, suitable for mounting beneath a seat, within the footwell or in the boot of your car. It's been used under a seat and some of the writing on the cover has rubbed off, but its still in quite good condition. It's very...
  4. P

    Subwoofer fitting slk

    Hi everyone is it possible to fit any subwoofer in a 2002 slk ? Between the seats or in the boot? Has anyone managed to do it? Thanks in advance.
  5. D

    W211 Estate - fitting subwoofer

    The harmon cordon subs for the estate are pretty reasonably priced on ebay, certainly a lot cheaper than the sub upgrade for my old 9-5. Is it possible to fit these on to a vehicle with comand or is there more to the system than just adding a sub? Any alternative ways of doing this without...
  6. toby1

    Hertz DBX 30.3 subwoofer

    Hertz DBX 30.3 subwoofer - unmarked and excellent condition £50 Stock photo
  7. T

    W212 E500 (coupe)

    Ok folks I'm giving serious consideration to a W212 5.5. After a couple of drives in XFs (the engine I want only comes on 20" wheels) I found the ride too hard and while I really wanted to buy British for a change, it's not the car for me. I drove the W212 coupe today and was quite impressed...
  8. M.Khalid

    W209 CLK 280 - Rear Middle Seat Subwoofer

    Hi You Guys! I have bought a Mercedes CLK 280 (W209) Convertible with standard Audio system (I think it is called Audio 20). I have seen these original Harman/Kardon subwoofer for sale on Ebay...
  9. tintinmt

    Linn Aston Martin Sub-woofer

    I have 'inherited' a pair of sub-woofers that according to the labels should be in a DB9 (two DB9's to be precise). According to the internet (and perhaps predictably) they would cost you a pretty penny should your DB9 require a new one. Any thoughts on where best to sell them? Also, what...
  10. kap02

    w204 (C class, 2010) custom subwoofer box, sub woofer and amp

    Custom Subwoofer box, subwoofer and amplifier for sale: Box: Custom made (cost £110) Subwoofer (W0v3 - JL Audio) and Amp (JBL GTO) new: (cost: £120) Great condition, all work order and sounds superb with the standard head unit. Ideal for quality upgrades OEM sound. I will also throw in the...
  11. K

    W203 subwoofer wired or not

    Hi, I have a c220 cdi with Comand APS NTG2 installed from new and a changer in the glovebox. I want to know if the wiring for a subwoofer would of been installed when new or not with it having the above unit installed? I will investigate the rear shelf to see if I can see anything...
  12. Jadee

    2008 CLC 180 Subwoofer

    Does anyone know if the A2038200202 subwoofer unit - (housing and speaker) will fit in a 2008 CLC which is based I believe on the W203. I would like to install a subwoofer to give a little more bass than the standard door speakers but do not want a big box in the boot - or to change the door...
  13. kalvin928

    w211 rear subwoofer 'popped' - options?

    As title says the Harman Kardon subwoofer has broke.....well there was a really loud pop and now no sound emitting from it ( amp is fine and still has power) when I physically push parts of the speaker, distorted sound can be heard I originally changed the ICE setup but retained original...
  14. H

    Bose Subwoofer
  15. N

    W203 c class coupe subwoofer

    Hi everyone I'm just wondering has anyone got or seen any type of subwoofer enclosure in the coupe I want it as stealth as I can get really as I quite like the big boot the car has Thanks Nick
  16. C

    W203 c220 cdi 2004 subwoofer and stereo install

    I have installed many stereos and and subwoofers but only on corsa c,fiestas small hatchbacks first time I have owned a mercedes and want to an audio install. Firstly what do I need for a stereo install a fascia, steering wheel control adapter, aerial adapter and stereo? If I don't have the...
  17. smoothcoupe

    w211 subwoofer upgrade?

    Hello all, I have a w211 e55 with full command and harmon kardon logic 7, the subwoofer in the back is a little weak in my opinion ( doesnt sound too bad). Is there a suitable upgrade that anyone can tell me about.. cheers all.
  18. W

    help with my subwoofer

    hi all,i have a 2004 w211 evo station wagon,i think my subwoofer is not working so i wanna check but i can't find it,can someone help me?,maybe with a photo
  19. R

    Focal solution 25a1 10" subwoofer with built in amps

    I have for sale my 10" focal 25a1 subwoofer with two built in amps, one amp for the sub woofer and one amp for speakers. It is a brilliant all in one solution and sounds really nice if you know your ice you know focal is one of the top brands. For more info and specs check out this link...
  20. amjad mahmood

    mercedes w211 subwoofer

    Hi all, I want to install a standard Merecedes subwoofer into the parcel shelf, the space is there for it to slot in, what i am not sure about the wiring for the subwoofer hidden in the parcel shelf, if not how do i go about to connecting one up. Thanks.
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