1. G

    Speakers suddenly not working on one side

    Purchased a used approved C Class Coupe (2012) in April 16 from MB Stevenage. Went away for 10 days recently and dad drove the car to work and back once, got a tyre changed and got it valeted. As soon as I get in it, I notice that the sound/music is only playing on the passenger side. I checked...
  2. adrianlobont

    Multi contour seats suddenly not working

    Hi all, Yesterday while I was driving to work I realised that both front seats not inflate or deflate. Please if you guys have any ideas of what can be the problem ?
  3. M

    Merc c class suddenly won't rev above 3000rpm

    Drove back down the motorway today and when I pulled off at the junction and changed gear the car suddenly will not Rev above 2500-3000rpm. Regardless of which gear I'm in. There has been no issues at all with the car until tonight . I'm a little concerned to as what it might be . It's...
  4. Kingpin!

    R350 - Battery suddenly drains

    Hi, forum! A couple of days ago my battery was almost drained. I could open the doors, fans was working, COMAND and electric hatch/back door etc. but as soon as I tried starting, the starter motor just hadn't enough power ("tick tick tick"). I charged the battery almost 24 hours (my CTEK was at...
  5. S

    Sunroof suddenly stopped working on my ML

    ML 163 diesel 2002 facelift Hello Chaps, On the hottest day of the year my sunroof has decided to stop working. The roof has worked without problems & stopped suddenly today after opening just a few inches. I've had to close it using the manual closure. Checked the fuse which...
  6. S

    Mercedes r107 suddenly won't start

    Hi I have a Mercedes 350sl r107 and it has been running beautifully. I changed the bulb on the gearbox and managed to short something while cleaning the bulb holder with a small screwdriver, stupid I know I don't know if this is coincidence but since I can't get the car to start, it turns over...
  7. pnevesfoto

    W203 Estate • front left clunk when braking suddenly at low speed •

    Hi, a few days ago I felt a front left clunk when braking suddenly at low speed, while another car surges from a private entrance... Thought it may be something loose because days before I had both the control arms replaced at that wheel suspension... lifted up the car, checked every bolt...
  8. developer

    Disaster - max revs, pushing it very hard, then suddenly oil everywere :(

  9. G

    Windscreen suddenly steaming up!

    I had my windscreen replaced in March by AutoGlass. They fitted a non dealer screen. I bought my car last November and I can't seem to remember any issues with the screen holding a lot of condensation or steaming up even in the coldest/wettest of weathers. I do seem to remember that went it did...
  10. P

    remote keys suddenly only work part time!?

    Hi all got a '53 c180k sports coupe. No problems with it whatsoever until today.. the central locking has worked from opposite ends of a carpark with no issues.. Today i go out and neither remote worked.. even if i held it right up to the handle. Changed the batteries in 1 key and it unlocked...
  11. S

    Video in motion suddenly stopped working

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to both here and Mercedes. I got my CL63 AMG last month (2nd hand), and when I turned on the TV function, it would work even when driving. That was until a few days ago - When it stopped working. I've tried everything like removing the phone cradle, ejecting all...
  12. G

    Car suddenly requesting B service?

    My C Class Coupe has been showing that a B service is due in around 6500 miles. That's roughly around a year away for me. I got in it today and the on screen computer suddenly flashed up when I turned the car on stating it needs a B service in 30 days. Obviously there is quite a big...
  13. R

    w123 230CE suddenly won't start

    Hi! I hope someone might be able to give some initial thoughts to my problem. My 230CE wouldn't fire the other day. I thought I had just run out the fuel so I put some in but then discovered the problem persists. I haven't been using it much but it has been sitting outside. I have only been...
  14. S

    ABS suddenly stopped working

    My 2000 plate SLK 230K has been stood since December. The battery was regularly charged and the car started but not driven. Yesterday took the car out for a long drive and everything was fine for the first 80 miles then, on the motorway, the cruise control suddenly cut out and the ABS and...
  15. Sonny Burnett

    W208 Update, Heaters Suddenly Stoped.

    hi every one, the CLK is refusing to blow any air at all it wont even come on or make a noise, the EC button is lighting up, and im hoping its a blown fuse... could anyone help me out with this very annoying problem. thanks..
  16. C

    No sound out of UHI suddenly, please help

    Hi Guys, The BT in the E class has been working fine for the last 3 years. Suddenly, after a valet, there is no sound coming out of the phone. The radio works and the other caller can hear what you say. You just can't hear them. Is there a seperate speaker for the car kit that might have...
  17. W

    Fuel Indicator Suddenly Dropped to Zero

    The fuel gauge of my 1997 C200 suddenly dropped from full to zero after the car has been driven for several km after the fuel tank was filled. The yellow fuel warning light came on and off several times thereafter for several more km until the ignition was switched off. On restarting the car...
  18. T

    W124 E300d. Auto gearbox gone clunky suddenly.

    ok so i had my manifold off at the weekend (write up to follow when i have time) and changed plugs, cleaned it out (unbelievably grimey!), plugged EGR and changed the fuel lines. also got a new battery. it all went back together ok and runs fine and starts better so im happy with the work...
  19. 6CylinderMerc

    Inspiron suddenly died

    My trusty Dell Inspiron 4100 suddenly shut down & died the other day. Battery has been knackered for several years (that's what happens when it's left running on mains for 3 years) so I can't fire it up at all. There's no whirring of hard drive or anything, it's totally dead when I press the...
  20. C

    W202 2.5 Diesel suddenly loosing Power

    Hi I have a mysterious problem with my 1999 W202 2.5 diesel estate. After about half hour of driving, if I put my foot down it seems to have about half power. It will change down the gearbox, but struggle to accelerate. If I stop the engine and immediately restart, that's it OK again. It did...
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