1. Spinal

    Garage Suggestion Near Uxbridge

    I need to change the clutch on the Micra before the rally; but my usual garage (punters) won't do clutch replacements. Any suggestions as to a garage near Uxbridge/Slough/Hilligndon/etc? Thanks, M.
  2. Guy.Pap

    Any suggestion for remapping nr Rugby

    Hi I am looking to get my E280 sport estate remapped and recommendations in the Rugby or Warwickshire area .also is it possible to have a switchable map done on these cars and configure the sport/comfort button to switch modes???
  3. D

    CLS break work?? Mechanic suggestion

    Hi guys, Just had my first MB CLS ... I think break discs needs some work... Can someone please suggest a budget mechanic in South East London?? I would be grateful ...
  4. Z

    Help : Audio 20 Upgrade Suggestion

    Dear All, I have E220 CDI SEDAN AUTOMATIC-211006 Year 2005/06 (WDB2110061A836102) It came with a Audio 20 Player (added the picture in attachment) Now I would like to buy A211870478901 NTG (Picture attached) My question is If I replace the player can I be able to get all the...
  5. Spinal

    Dog Food Suggestion?

    My dog is getting a little bored of Orijen puppy (large breed); and I'm not putting him on a barf diet after some research... Any suggestions to an alternative to orijen? Needs to be grain free, cr*p free, and mainly protein based... M.
  6. sspeed

    A Rather good suggestion.....

    For a while now I have been going on a Sunday Jaunt to the Wendsleydale area.. Pretty much by accident I came accross the Pub below.. Welcome to the Moorcock Inn Its food is outstanding and I really can recommend the "Game & Chestnut Stew" I have been there 4 or 5 times now and the food is...
  7. crockers

    Views on a suggestion regarding road tax.

    Having just returned from the continent I have been thinking how unfair it is that in the UK we get no monies from foreign motorists whereas when we go abroad we have to pay road tolls and vignettes etc. Also we have foreign trucks coming into the UK which are filled with cheaper diesel in...
  8. oldcro

    Another suggestion for the Mods

    Sometimes a post gets lots of THANKS (not mine I'm sad to say) and the THANKS are sorted alphabetically. This means that new member ZZIT adds his thanks to a 4 year old post his THANKS appear first. Why not leave the THANKS in the order they were received. I realise being alphabetical makes...
  9. Gucci

    Mod suggestion for R2D2 Very useful :crazy:
  10. W

    Suggestion - Part Numbers

    Guys What would you think of a single post for part numbers of various retrofit items for each model. With the online parts ordering from MB it may be of some help? I don't know about any of you but i seem to spend most of my time on here searching posts and then end up having to post. An...
  11. 1

    suggestion for a new W202 manual gearbox knob

    Does someone have some nice suggestion to change it on a manual W202? Factory leather one seems me "small" to keep in myhand and I'd like as much as possible a factory look. Any suggestion from other series? Leather and/or wood. idea...
  12. guydewdney

    cool lights suggestion

    a friend of mine has just picked up a 98 735i - nice car. What got me thinking was a simple interior light - next to the interior mirror are two red LEDs which shine on to the gearbox area, creating a very subtle glow that allows you to see things (fag packets, coins etc) without being...
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