1. pmcgsmurf

    W212 E250 CDI Sport (2010) Modification Suggestions ?

    Hi folks I'm getting itchy fingers with one of the 2010 E250 CDI Sport cars. ;) Anyone any suggestions on what I could add? Was thinking maybe LED sills or puddle lights or similar but any suggestions appreciated. It has 16k miles, Panoramic Roof, Comand, DAB, Climate, Leather heated...
  2. D

    Business name suggestions

    Starting another business up and would like suggestions please, I do like a bit of brainstorming! The name will have to be ideally linked to energy as in electric etc and renewable energy. Top of my list so far is Imperium which is Latin for power/energy. Look forward to your ideas!
  3. tommerc49

    W245 B200 Clunking/ knocking at the rear - suggestions?

    For the last couple of months I've had a 'clunking' kind of noise coming from the rear passenger side of the car whenever I go over a bump in the road. It started happening when going over larger bumps, but now even driving down my (slightly-bumpy) street is causing the noise. It sounds like...
  4. tommerc49

    B200 CDI tuning help & suggestions (Remap/ Exhaust/ EGR Blanking/ DPF delete)

    OK so I've owned this B200 CDI Sport for a few months now (having initially purchased it for my Mrs, but I have since took ownership of it as it seems more suited to me than it does her)... Problem is, I have never owned a Diesel before and in truth I never thought I would ever own one...
  5. S

    Aftermarket radio/phone sat nav suggestions for 2003 SLK

    My partner wants to replace her single din radio/cassette in her 2003 SLK with something to enable her to : - have sat nav - stream music from her phone - make/receive phone calls I've suggested an add on TomTom or similar but ideally she wants something integrated without dangling wires...
  6. merc85

    Automated driveway Gates any suggestions?

    Need some advice on this one, We would like some automated gates for our driveway, But the Path/road runs very close to the end of the drive, we also need abit of space for the gates to open. The opening/width of the Drive is 4.5mtrs 14.76 ft. Some i'm thinking Bi folding gates? Here is a...
  7. developer

    Numberplate Holder Suggestions S212.

    I have a Wurth rear numberplate holder but have always thought it "heavy" looking: On the bare body I have these 4 raised fixings - any suggestions for a neater way to mount the numberplate, but without screws showing - can you provide a photo with your solution please?
  8. S

    C240 2.6 (2002, W203) Battery dimensions and suggestions

    The battery for my 2002 C240 Petrol (W203) is knackered and I'm trying to source a new one. I've put the car reg onto various sites and they're throwing up all sorts of options. Unfortunately, the bonnet is stuck so I can't verify the correct dimensions to ensure the new one would be a perfect...
  9. Abb

    W202 Sills, any suggestions??

    I am trying (unsuccessfully) to try and source some replacement sills for my new project, a W202 C43. I have contacted MB who state, unfortunately they are a discontinued part. I have found one seller on the bay of dreams who sells aftermarket panels/sills. Whilst I wouldn't fit an aftermarket...
  10. Meldrew2

    Road trip suggestions, please.

    OH has expressed a desire to explore Cornwall & Devon. We have a week's cruise leaving Southampton June next year, so we have an opportunity to take another 10 days or so travelling down from home (Lancashire). I like to drive around 2 hours at a time between stops, so I was thinking of the...
  11. D

    Suggestions for a wind-up

    My home phone number is one digit away from the village taxi firm's number. My landline diverts to my mobile for business reasons. It hasn't happened for a while but the weekend (so far) I have received two calls chasing tardy taxis. During sociable hours I don't really mind that much...
  12. M

    Reversing Camera or Dash Dash cam suggestions

    Hi I have an SL350 2013 convertible and wondered if there are any suggestions or recommendations for fitting a reversing camera or Dash Cam that will integrate with the 7 inch MB command screen.
  13. Aibonator

    Outdoor Car Cover Suggestions

    Looking for a outdoor car cover to keep the fireworks off the new car when it arrives. It would be for a W205 C63. Got a price of £305 from thecarcovercompany but that feels steep. They say it's custom made for the exact shape etc. Any other suggestions? Considering the price of the car, and...
  14. A

    Recommended tools and general suggestions for w219 lower ball joint removal

    Hi all, Just wanted to find out what tools (by brand/location) you guys recommend when it comes to ball splitting and removal/install . Is the stuff on ebay ok or is it just badly made putty? anything to go for or avoid? I've gleaned a good idea on how to go about the job from searches on...
  15. F

    W212 Wheel Suggestions please?

    Hi All Would love to hear which wheels you think would look good on my White W212 E350 CDI Sport. Was planning on going for the Double 7 Spoke 19" Wheel that was an option on the car when new, but have heard some horror stories about this wheel being liable to cracking, so now looking at...
  16. F

    Wheel Refurb Suggestions - South Coast

    Hi All Want to refurb the factory 18's that came on with the car while I am looking for the new wheels I want. Just want a good painted finish, rather than diamond cut, as I have had enough of water ingression between the metal and lacquer with previous diamond cut finish alloys on other...
  17. Dannyallen89

    Suggestions where to buy big fin carbon diffuser

    Hey now my spoiler is sorted and booked in to be fitted I'm looking next for a rear diffuser carbon does any1 have 1 that can recommend for my w204 thanks
  18. A

    Suggestions on CLS 219 front pads and discs

    Not sure on options here other than standard OE and mine need replacing pretty soon. Are there third party pad/disc combinations brands worth looking at? Is much performance gained by looking beyond standard OE products? I'm not looking to go mad or have eye watering braking power, just equal...
  19. D

    Weekend car suggestions

    I am hoping to buy a present for myself this year, and would appreciate suggestions It's going to be a long term keeper and I would like to keep one eye on future values, no depreciation allowed!! With this is mind the fewer expensive repairs waiting in the wings the better too, but it is...
  20. E

    Advice or suggestions

    I've just got off the phone to my old mum who has had a busy week, she has been ferrying my sister around to help her look for a new car. My sister who is older and a little bit more naive than I am recently decided she would like to buy a new used car, she set her sights on a Ford Focus or...
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