1. I

    Sub £20k C63 Financial Suicide?

    Just sat browsing Autotrader as you do and have noticed the C63's are coming in under £20k now. So discounting the write-off's and others with a dubious past and assuming you do your homework with regard to service history etc are there any major pitfalls lurking round the corner which will...
  2. The _Don

    Dartford bridge suicide 10.03.2013

    Received the tragic news this morning this was a lifelong close friend of mine and a true petrolhead R I P mr R S :0( Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  3. S

    Rotar driver suicide note

    Dear All I managed to remove my dist cap today and was surprised to see quite an amount of oil/**** inside, all over the contacts, arm etc. So, i proceeded with what looked like a time-consuming but relatively simple task of removing the timing cover so as to proceed with replacing the seal...
  4. buccal

    Financial Suicide....

    Today i unexpectedly spent the afternoon in this: martin james cars : mercedes cl600 auto Tell me it would ruin me:crazy:, Please.....
  5. coupe deville

    overtook by a suicide nutcase

    got overtaken today in sheffield by a complete idiot who passed me on a blind bend approaching the brow of a hill. a young idiot about 18 with a skew wift baseball cap on, in a little daewoo hatchback. he then tailgated the focus in front and straddled the white line looking to overtake the...
  6. Swiss Toni

    Suicide -Daily Mail link

    I really thought about whether posting a link from t'aily Mail was the right thing to do, but what do the forum think about the circumstances of this story, those involved and the subsequent comments posted...
  7. grasmere

    suicide (dive) bomber pidgeons - in pairs

    Any ornithologists out there that may be able to explain this please? My wife, Sue, noticed yesterday a mark on an upstairs window that looked like an imprint of a bird that had hit the window smack on, complete with feather details of chest and wings. Bizzarre we thought . . . This...
  8. Flyer

    Suspected Suicide bomber shot and killed

    On BBC News24 now ...
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