1. I

    Is this part suitable for my model?

    Will this one be compatible with my w205 saloon?
  2. T

    Ramps suitable for CLS

    I have a set of ramps I use currently for my Omega's, but even these are tad steep, as it just nipps the bumper. No way could I use these on a CLS, perhaps with a block of wood to make incline less step, but not to sure. Any recommendations for ramps that slip under the front/rear of the CLS?
  3. D

    Thinking about replacing your E55K and can't find a suitable replacement? Read on...

    ...because my XF-R is for sale... After enjoying my E55K's I always struggled to think what I would replace it with - it needed to be a forced induction V8 and more modern than the W211. This quite long winded search ended up at this, my 2010/60 plate Jaguar XF-R... First real difference...
  4. Mrhanky

    CTEK Bumper / Cover suitable for 3.6 - 5 amp models

    Recently purchased a whole load of CTEK extras including this bumper / protective cover. However, purchased it for MX7 which it does not fit. If you have a 3.6m - 5amp model it will fit fine.
  5. M

    Suitable power steering fluid

    Mercedes Power Steering Fluid - MB236.3 500ml | eBay Is that fluid ok for my 2001 e200 w210 ?
  6. Sp!ke

    Suitable courtesy cars for Indy

    I've been window shopping for potential courtesy cars for use by a friendly Indy. The cars tend to get get abused by customers (the last loaner was written off by one a couple of weeks ago) so we're looking at as low a budget as possible but it has to be something reasonably tidy and not...
  7. DSM10000

    Suitable car required for dragging a horse box (plus horse!)

    Madam is now extending her outings on Finn (Or Big Bu**er as Woodythewise so rightly calls him:D) to local jump events. It has also been mentioned that attending events further afield is also on the agenda and therefore the 1964 LR S2 is no longer a suitable vehicle, not that it ever really was...
  8. Silver CL55

    Tool roll suitable for an 02 onward mercedes

    Cheers, Colin.
  9. C

    Suitable winter tyres for C63?

    So, I think I have established that these wheels (B66474314) for the S class will fit a 2013 C63. They come fitted with 255 40 19 winter tyres, speed rating R. Does any foresee any issues? Many thanks
  10. M

    Clarion SRE211H tweeters suitable for w124

    Brand new in box. I bought these in the summer as I thought the ones in by W124 had blown, which turned out not to be the case, hence these haven't been used. I did take one of them out and connected it to the wiring in my car, but it was never installed. Suitable for fitting in the w124 as...
  11. W

    Suitable cars for 2 adults, 1 teenager, 2 newborns and dog!

    A family member has asked me to find her a new car. She's soon to give birth to twins, so needs a car with rear seats wide enough for two child seats and her teenager step-daughter in the middle. Dogs are also on the horizon. I don't know exactly what she's after so the list for the moment is...
  12. E

    Help required for suitable wheel spec on W202

    Guys, need some info on some wheels I may be looking to get, they are deep dish but the seller could not find any info on the offset so he meassured one of them and stated the following; 'the ET as I understand it, is offset of the mountface from the midline of the wheel, its -13mm so if you...
  13. A

    DR520 suitable registration available

    no longer available
  14. W

    Suitable engines for towing trailer + car

    A friend is looking for a cheap (<£2k) estate car for towing a trailer (~200kg) and a car (~900kg). There are lots of 1990s Mercedes that fit the bill, but was wondering what is the minimum or recommended engines that are suitable for the job. He'll be doing maybe 3k/year of towing so...
  15. chrispy

    Is This Suitable

    Ok, my aerial has broken on my w202 and I found this cheap one on E-Bay. As Chrimbo is coming and I have to scale down the amount of money I spend to compensate for santa's little pressies I was wondering if this would do. It's £20 including postage. Fit for the following models:   ・...
  16. IBN

    Is this suitable for a W129?

    This is currently listed on ebay - can anyone tell me if it's suitable for a w129? I tried the vendor and he doesn't know. "MERCEDES-BENZ-SL-ROOF-RACK-NEW-B66850259" Thanks
  17. F

    Suitable petrol octane rating

    According to the owner's manual, I can use a minimum 87 octane petrol if the car has no catalytic converter, minimum 95 octane if it does. Anyone know if my car came equipped with a cat converter? It's a 1990 230CE
  18. G

    Are these AMG rims suitable...?

    This seems like a real bargain... Question is will they be appropriate for my c280 w202 sport? Any help appreciated!
  19. se97mlm

    Finally found a suitable W202!!

    Well it's finally happened, i've left a deposit subject to viewing on the W202 C240 I have been looking for for the last 8 or so months!!! :bannana: It is a 98R in Silver (sorry) with full black leather (ruffled door cards so not MB-Tex). 88k, 1 owner with FSH and original bill of sale for...
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