1. N

    My W124 Estate Carrying a complete 3 piece suite

  2. T

    free cream leather 3 piece suite

    Hi all, we are about to replace our suite as the wife wants fabric not leather. If anyone has a use for a cream leather 3 piece consisting of 3 seater,2 seater and recliner armchair about five years old but in fairly good condition then pm me.I dont want anything for it but it would need to be...
  3. Tan

    Nokia PC Suite

    Hi Before I sold my Nokia 8800, I backed up all of my contacts with Nokia PC Suite, is there anyway to transfer these to my iphone, I was hoping that I could sync them via Outlook or something. I would be even happy, if I could just see them all and then enter them by hand. Any ideas...
  4. Spinal

    Datan recovery suite

    I need some quick advice... one of our IT teachers has a dual-boot machine. He accidentally formatted his windows partition (as HFS+). Obviously the new partition isn't "touched" (or used) as he still is booted in OsX - so I have a feeling very little of the data has actuallt been...
  5. mercmanuk

    colour change to a leather suite

    has anyone ever had a colour change done to a leather suite,ive a blue suite and the wife says it no longer looks inkeeping with the lounge colour scheme,she wants a brown looks like brand new and the foam is still firm as we had it made to our requirements. does spraying work,how does...
  6. BaldGuy

    Leather Suite & Dining Room Table + 6 Chairs 4 Sale

    Well I finally move into my "own" house early December and after a viewing yesterday some things just will not fit. The house my kids are in was allot larger than my new shoe box so I have a few items up for grabs... Pics will follow if there is interest... 1 x Navy Blue 3 Seater Leather...
  7. Bobby Dazzler

    XP :: Nokia PC Suite and Wireless

    Brother in law has had some problems with his laptop. He tried to restore Windows with the discs supplied by HP, and it appears to have been fairly successful. However there are some issues remaining that he's asked for my help on - before he throws said laptop through upstairs window...
  8. grober

    Best Internet Security Suite

    Yep its that time of year again----Renewal time for the internet security package.:( I fancy a change this year on the basis of the moving target principle.;) Trouble is that there are so many packages out there.:eek: Norton Internet security 2008 is about to hit the streets ( question is...
  9. mercmanuk

    microsoft works suite 2001

    brand new sealed free to good home just pay postage about £3
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