1. Rorcus

    Heater blower slowed down and sulphur smell

    Just popped out on a short run this afternoon and turned the blower to 5 set on cold (non functional AC at the mo). We were sitting behind another car and noticed a strong sulphur smell, at first I assumed the car in front had a bad CAT but when I got back noticed the blower was turning very...
  2. Benzowner

    Low Sulphur Fuels

    Just received a letter from BP. "With effect from December 4th 2007, we will supply the British Standard specification of the following products: Sulphur levels in 97 Octane gasoline will be reduced from 50ppm to 10ppm Sulphur levels in ULSD will be reduced from 50ppm to 10ppm What...
  3. M

    Sulphur and cetane

    Hi, This seems an old matter, but being retro minded here, what are the implications (if any) if the current (post 2000) CDi engines are run on diesel fuel with higher levels of sulphur...i.e. maybe >500-1000 ppm like those available in other countries? I suppose the engines would run fine...
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