1. F

    Supercars of London - Summer 2017
  2. Darrell

    Summer holidays

    I love a summer holiday so I'd love to hear where everyone is off to this summer. And your reasons for going to that particular place. I'll start. I'm going to Skiathos tomorrow, on my own!! for a quick week and then for 5 weeks with my wife and daughter during the school holidays.
  3. Scott_F

    Proof That Summer Over

    I picked these today next to a nearby footpath. Not a bad haul for June but I'm sure that when I was a child you had to wait until September for them.
  4. X

    W163 - sweaty summer

    Posted in 'Interior' section too - can't work out best place to put it! :crazy: I've got a proper head scratcher on the ML. My cabin is hot which is not ideal in the searing Newcastle heat! Story so far; 1. Blend valve was stuck in hot - took it apart and had a broken cog. New part...
  5. X

    W163 - sweaty summer!!

    Firstly, newbie and first post in the MBClub website. Thanks for letting me in! :thumb: Got an old CLK 320 (W209) and an even older ML270 (W163) - Discovered Mercs 3 years ago and I can't see me ever buying anything else. That CLK is such a nice cabin to be in. I'm a big tweaker and rarely...
  6. ianw19

    Summer Wheels

    Just brought my summer wheels out and made sure they are clean and waxed Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  7. C

    Summer opening feature

    Can anyone shed some light on the summer opening feature and remote window closing feature on the w209 clk. it's an 03, and has the black square on the drivers door but nothing happens when I hold the lock/unlock. Does anyone know what the problem may be? The car came with 2 keys one of the keys...
  8. Marvin16x

    British summer over yet? Tourist needs advice

    Hello everyone, I was thinking about leaving Germany behind on Wednesday for another two- or three-week road trip around the UK but having checked the weather forecast earlier today I'm now kind of hesitant and indecisive as to whether I should stick to the plan and go or rather wait and see...
  9. brucemillar

    Got the Hog out for summer.

    My fully restored original 1973 MKII Raleigh Chopper. Rides as badly as it did in 1973 but a great conversation starter. This is a true 70's design icon. I have an earlier MKI (1970) which I am restoring. I have all the original bits. It is just about to go for paint and some re-chrome...
  10. E

    Summer savings + 25% off Discount code

    Shop Now: Shop: Summer Essentials Intex Easyset Round Swimming Pool (small) - Swimming Pool (Medium) - Summer essentials- Summer Essentials :bannana::bannana::bannana:
  11. fabes

    Where the hell is summer!!!?

    A very British rant, over :wallbash:
  12. A

    W212 cabriolet summer opening

    Help. I am trying to get summer opening do not open when key fob pressed down, however ventilated seats turn on. Roof opens and closes remotely. Roof doesn't go down if boot/trunk shelf is put up. ...I am taking this to mean that the IR is ok... 1) I have changed the...
  13. rom1

    Free Summer Health Check

    Summer Health Check Get your car ready for the warmer weather with a Summer Health Check. When you book before 31 August 2016^ we will also carry out a free air conditioning treatment leaving your car’s system clean and fresh. Booked mines in at Leicester said they will give it a wash and...
  14. E

    Summer Offer! Huge Savings

    Shop Now Intex Easyset Round Swimming Pool (small) - Swimming Pool (Medium) - Kettle Barbeque Grill (Black)- Kettle Barbeque Grill (Black) | AccessoriesRetailer Summer essentials- Summer Essentials
  15. E

    Summer essential offers 2016

    Up To 35% Of All Car Shampoos We're the UK's number one supplier of car accessories and parts, stocking everything you could possibly need whether you're looking to improve the look, feel or sound of your car. Some car accessories are designed to improve safety, while others are more...
  16. Growy16

    Summer nights....

    Treated myself and the missus today. Added this little beauty to the family. From Listers Mercedes in Lincoln. Roll on summer.....
  17. almoamg

    FS: Summer Forged wheels

    Hi Guys, I've still got for sale my HRE wheels which I had on my C63 which are now a steal and can be found here: Cheers Al
  18. D

    Alpine summer destination

    We are planning our summer holiday, and would like any pointers as to where summer snow can be found. Ideally we'd like to stay somewhere near a lake that has a cable car / furnicular access to a mountain with a bit of snow on top for the kids. Any ideas would be most welcome Thank you
  19. V

    CLS 55 this summer.

    Ok so, i'm pretty much set. CLS 55 AMG it will be. I've a few questions :).. 1.) If i'm in Eton/Windsor, what is the best place to get the car serviced? PCS? 2.) Are the five spoke wheels (standard) with AMG engraving 18's or 19's? 3.) What is the service intervals like and what kinda...
  20. P

    Country lanes: summer vs all season

    Recently moved into the countryside and need to change the front 2 tyres. Which group of tyres is best for country lanes? Can get muddy with cars cutting into the verges when it's a tight squeeze with 2 cars passing each other. Most of my driving is on these type of roads plus single laned A...
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