1. D

    Rusted sump.

    When my MY 2013 C180 Estate went in for the scheduled ATF change recently, the garage added £46 to the bill for a new oil pan. They showed me the old one which the mechanic had cleaned up to reveal an area of corrosion on the side which had spread downwards to surround and damage to drain plug...
  2. B

    w211 E320CDI SUMP LEAK

    Hi whilst carrying out oil service I noticed that oil sump is leaking. On closer inspection the seal seems to be some type of sealant I was wondering what type of sealant this is and whether it can be done by myself I would be grateful if any of the experienced members could provide a detailed...
  3. B

    Silly question about sump plug on W210

    Hello all, I've just bought a 2002 E220 cdi Estate Diesel. I want to change the oil, but haven't succeeded in getting the front of the car up on the ramps yet as the front lower body panel fouls on the ramps before the front wheels reach them. No doubt I'll figure out a way of getting the front...
  4. merc85

    w211 e55k Engine oil change, 2x Sump plugs?

    Hi Has anyone on here done there own oil and oil filter change on a e55k? I've been reading up and it says there are 2x drain plugs? Does it matter which one gets drain 1st? sorry if its a stupid question, just thought it was worth a ask:D
  5. waisal

    Oil leak W202 C43 have I got missing oil sump bolts

    I have an oil leak which has got progressively worse, small pools of oil on the road overnight. I have lifted the car and removed engine cover and cleaned up the sump but it looks like I have sump bolts missing please see pictures Can anyone confirm this is the case and would it mean a sump...
  6. S

    mercedes w204 c220 cdi sump plug

    Hi...quick question, does my 2008 c220 cdi om646 engine have a sump plug if it does what size?
  7. s4mb0

    Sump bolts help ???

    So today my bolts arrived from Mercedes. But isn't there supposed to be some copper washers with them ?
  8. E

    Gold Plug manufactures Magnetic Sump Drain Plugs of the highest quality.

    Gold Plug manufactures Magnetic Sump Drain Plugs of the highest quality. Constructed from a 303 Stainless Steel body that houses the strongest, highest temperature, N45SH Neodymium magnet available. The magnet is secured in place with a proprietary 2 step process and will never come out...
  9. BenzedUP

    Weistec Transmission Sump Fitted!!

    Firstly Thanks to Acid for supplying mine, cheers mate. Took the car to PCS this morning for Olly to fit it. Some pictures Fitted! Apart from looking good, you'll probably won't notice any difference but can't do any harm - fresh oil/filter. This Weistec sump makes the MB one look a bit...
  10. J

    W203 Auto Transmission Sump Plug Seized - any tips

    Hi I did a search and couldn't see an answer. Attempting to change my tranmission fluid, filter, pilot bushing. I managed to loosen the sump cover bolts so they are good to go - they were easy. But the T30 TORX sump plug is rock solid. Tried an extension on TORX tool socket, no joy...
  11. ngenius1

    Sump for W124 320 1994/5

    Looking for one of these as mine is cracked. 07850821421. Thanks.
  12. K

    2003 E220 CDi estate S211 Porous Alloy Oil Sump

    Hi all, My 2003 E220 CDi S211 Estate had for the last 6 months a small leak from the front vertical side of the Engine OIL SUMP. The sump had gone porous from the FRONT (not far from where its screwed into engine) and oil would seep out through the metal on to the anti roll bar and then to...
  13. D

    W124 300D Sump

    A friend of mine managed to take a sizable chunk off his so im looking for a replacement. Can collect between Sheffield and Abergavenny (South Wales) or have it posted. Car is a 1990 E300D non-turbo
  14. D

    W123 230CE - Correct oil sump plug?

    Hello, I'm looking for a definite fit for a replacement sump plug and washer. I got one at the time of its last oil change but it did not fit. Now looking online there are so many different ones that claim to or not to fit... Ideally I should of taken measurements and photos whilst I had...
  15. P

    606 sump gasket

    Hi All, Will have to change my 124 300D 606 sump gasket at the next service, is this as easy as it sounds with home garage tools or is there some fiddling to do?? Thanks Paul
  16. B

    W212 e250 sump vibration

    Took my Nov-10 E250 diesel estate to M-B dealer for B3 / 60,000 miles service today. Received a telephone call within half an hour to tell me the technician had put it on the ramp and heard a noise from the bottom of the engine. Said the plastic sump was vibrating and they needed to dismantle to...
  17. J

    High Sump Pressure?

    I have a 1989 W124 200.If the oil level is more than 10mm above the minimum mark on the dipstick the car blows blue smoke on acceleration and decelleration. Presumably oil from the sump is being forced viathe sump breather into the carb air intake. Does anyone know why??
  18. E

    Lower oil sump pan

    Hi, Found this site useful and after some advice/help please. Just bought a 300td (1999) and the jack slipped causing a crack in the lower oil pan:( Where could I get a replacement and does the suspension/engine mount need to be moved to replace as I am getting conflicting info. when...
  19. W

    W202 sump plug washer

    Does anyone know where I can buy a sump plug washer for C180 W202? Eurocarparts don't stock them and the ones on Ebay are over £5 which seems a bit expensive.
  20. astamir

    W208 clk55 oil sump

    Hi guys Noticed a bit of oil leak from the bottom sump seal Took to a local garage and the guy the said that to change the oil sump seal he needs to take the engine out and he quoted me for that Is that really that big job and how much roughly it would cost Thanks in advance
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