1. Pitts Pilot

    P & A Motor Vehicles – Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

    Has anyone had dealings with this particular car dealer? I thought I should post a note of my experience of these dodgy guys. I was going to buy a SL350 from them, but as they were in Sunderland, and I was in London, I had the car inspected by the RAC before I actually saw it. No point of...
  2. sl300 ireland

    Anyone live near Sunderland

    Anyone live near Sunderland that would give a car a quick once over, PM if you could,would really appreciate it,
  3. Spinal

    Subject: Sunderland Earth Quake

    I'm too lazy to go and dig up that thread,.... the one thats eons old about the chav test, but I'll post this anyways (sorry about the '>' I got this as a forward): Begin forwarded message: > Subject: Sunderland Earth Quake > > The funniest email I have had for a while. It’s a...
  4. S

    Mercedes Benz Sunderland

    I must congratulate these guys on a excellent customer service and parts department.not only are they very eager to please and will give part numbers out no problem,but sometimes even go beyond the call of their duty,this includes the workshop manager. To give and example,i have...
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