1. C

    Hello from sunny Southend

    I recently bought a "mint" 04 SL350 R230 .... I've got a few cars but always fancied the 350 tho after have had a 4.4 RR was concerned about running costs ....having had a midlife crisis and bought a brand new Abarth 595c 180 comp last year that returned under 30 mpg I thought the 350 couldn't...
  2. J

    Sunny Day, Two Clean Benz!

    A very satisfying double cleaning session this afternoon in the sunshine... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. A

    Wash and wax V sunny

    So I was itching to wash my car today, but it was sat smack in the Sun. So did panel by panel with my mitt and drying rag. Used a different car shampoo from my normal Megquars gold wash. And went for this 2 quid cheaper wash and wax. And it a thumbs up from me:thumb: Dried off without any...
  4. R

    Good Morning from Sunny Eversley

    Hi Folks By way of introduction, I'm Rob from a small village on the Hants/Berks border. I've posted a tricky electronics/key/EIS challenge in the appropriate forum, hoping you gurus will throw some light on my dilemma.
  5. merc85

    Sunny day ending with rocks Grrrrrrr

    After having done the Engine mounts i thought id take the Cdi for a steady drive to Colchester to get some plants for the fish, Jeeez expensive day out it was :( Coming back along the a120 50mph in cruise inside lane where i should be, Spotted around 10 large stones, rocks, flit what ever it...
  6. V

    hello from sunny spain

    just bought a vito van its a 110 year 1998 its covered 467000 kms been used to deliver coffee so not been worked hard interior is very good passenger seat looks unused picked it up yesterday drove it home over the mountains back to almeria about 125kms drove great plenty of power no smoke...
  7. J

    Vito Sport X owner hello from sunny Somerset

    Picked up my new to me, Vito Sport X LWB earlier this week. Its a great upgrade from my 2.5LWB Renault Trafic It will be used as a family vehicle and also for some work (sports timing business) I would like to make a few subtle upgrades in the new year and will be here for some advice...
  8. D

    Hello from Sunny Scotland.

    Hello to everyone. I've just joined the site and looking forward to enjoying it with friendly banter plus some interesting views and comments. I'm going to limit my time here to just 8 hours per night at first, then increasing to a steady 12 hours!!!:bannana: I've always adored the whole MB...
  9. M

    New member from sunny Aberdeenshire

    Hi guys, just purchased my first mercedes. Collecting on Saturday morning, which can not come fast enough. Found a nice 2013 c220 cdi amg sport plus wagon. Been around forums for years but all vw ones. Got a few plans for the car but as like every purchased I'm not doing much Regards Byron.
  10. theRéhann

    Howzit from sunny South Africa!

    Hi there We recently bought a 1991 300e (W124) as a cheap runabout and then I fell in love with it :o So I am loving this DIY project, not that it needs much work. Bought it at a steal and I'm getting spoilt with the quality of the engineering. I hope to learn a lot here and share in the...
  11. G

    Hi from sunny Wigan.

    Hi folks, Just joined up after buying my first mercedes (accidentally:confused: i went out looking for an impreza:rolleyes: ) So glad i picked the mercedes instead:thumb: she's a 2000 c240 sport estate and a beauty. the usual rust issues on the wings and boot but it will get sorted and they...
  12. A

    Introduction from sunny warrington

    Hi Recently bought first merc, a 2007 CLS 320 with a sketchy history. Have always been able to do my own maintenance on previous cars, hope its going same with the merc - she's playing up already :doh:
  13. S

    Hello from sunny Southport

    Joined in May now I better introduce myself. I own an Independent Garage in Southport Merseyside and repair lots of Mercs. I specialise in autoelectrics and Diagnostic.Hope to exchange useful info here.:thumb::D
  14. M

    Hello to all from sunny Newcastle upon Tyne

    I would like o say hi to everyone as this is the first time on this site. I am looking to buy A124 e320 ;) and a 190e for my son :bannana: as his first car.
  15. Palfrem

    Sunny Credit. Caution - Rant alert.

    In our area this mob are doing a lot of TV advertising. Mrs P even had a letter from them today. Turns out if you borrow £350 for 12 months you repay..... £1267.80! A £917.80 charge for credit or 1971% APR! How can this be allowed? It's preying off those least...
  16. R

    hello from sunny heysham

    Hi , I have been a member for a few days now but only just found this section , I have asked a couple of questions already about my c220 coupe . the answers I have got back were amazing so helpful . this is my first Mercedes at almost 53 years old I should have had one years ago...
  17. tacho d

    Greetings from not so sunny Norwich.

    Hi everyone, succumbed to temptation and now the proud owner of a 2001 clk.230 This is my second Merc, the first being a w115 twenty five years ago. (two tons and no power steering.) Delighted with it, nice to see that so many years later the attention to build quality is still the same. I got...
  18. M

    Hi From Sunny Manchester....

    Hi just to say Hello :thumb:to everyone, my name is Howard and I've just bought my first Mercedes ever... 320 ML cdi sport 2008. Been a member of a few forums in the past and always found them really friendly and helpful also been on meets and rallies. Cheers Howard.
  19. P

    Sunny Bank Holiday? shurly some mistake

    Took advantage of the unusual sunny break to nip over to France/Belgium for our annual fag shop on Saturday and have a roam around the East Midlands today. After going to Adinkerke, we visited Bray-Dunes for lunch and then discovered an interesting French walled village as we headed back to...
  20. cinek

    For the sunny day(s)

    About 4 weeks ago I took my K8 gixxer for MOT. The dealership had a nice and shiny, limited GSX-R1000Z, limited edition on display. Cut a long story short, it is no longer in the dealership, it is now in my garage :)
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