1. C

    W124 sunroof

    I know sunroofs have been done to death here and elsewhere but I would welcome views on this problem. My '95 E300D estate has had a non-working sunroof for ages. As part of a general licking into shape of the old girl I thought I would have another look at it. Initial lack of electrical...
  2. T

    Sunroof cable W204 C63

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me what the part numbers are for the 2 cables for the sunroof? dealer advised £50 which is reasonable but over £400 for labour. Does someone also have a manual on how to replace these? want to tackle myself thanks
  3. brucemillar

    C55 W203 Wagon - Sunroof Drains ?

    Friends Can anybody tell me please, where the sunroof drains are to be found on my C55 W203? The car steams up heavily on all windows, when it has/is raining. It is not the windscreen scuttles ar the AC drain pipes and I found no evidence of water ingress in the usual places (boot cubby's...
  4. M

    Panoramic sunroof

    The panoramic sunroof has two sections now obviously the drivers bit opens up but my question is does the rear section tilt up to where the passengers sit ?
  5. O

    W211 Sunroof trim

    Hi Does anyone know the part number for the interior plastic trim on the sunroof. As at some point in the life of my car its had a new sunroof but the plastic trim was never re fitted and it looks crap seeing the bare metal of the glass surround. Cheers Pic...
  6. S

    W124 sunroof motor question

    Hiya, my 300te sunroof will open but not shut using the electric motor. In fact, there's no noise from the motor at all when I press shut. Is this a switch thing? Do I need a new sunroof motor? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. L

    W124 sunroof repair

    I have a "sticky" sunroof (it moves very reluctantly) and finally bit the bullet and removed the sunroof liner & lid, side rail guides, water shield and the arms that slide/lift the sunroof, and given it all a good clean with isopropyl alcohol (some previous owner had used normal grease and it...
  8. L

    Removing headliner from sliding sunroof ('93 W124 coupe)

    I'm attempting to remove the headliner from the underside of the sunroof. So far, I've found two guides: but for the life of me I can't see how the clips come undone. The liner is stiff steel; even if I pull down hard on the front edge as instructed, nothing happens. I've tried putting a...
  9. Frankie

    w210 Sunroof dropped

    As it says in the title,my sunroof appears to have dropped slightly at the back. It doesn't leak but I imagine with time it will drop lower. Is it more likely to be the surround that has dried out and deformed or a fault with the mechanism?
  10. A

    Gleitpaste sunroof lubricant??

    Hello. I am currently using spray silicone for my w203 panoramic roof, but i thought i should probably use the proper stuff from mb, but it is very expensive and comes in a tub which is more than what i need. What is gleitpaste made of? is it plain silicone or smth else? anyone got some...
  11. M

    2001 163 ml 270 cdi sunroof electrics issue

    Evening all. Had my car off of the Rd for a couple of weeks over Xmas to recon the auto gearbox. I forgot to disconnect battery - this maybe just a coincidence - now all up and running the large "safari??" sunroof will not slide back?? Normally I press button on roof back once quickly and it...
  12. C

    2011 W212 Mercedes E250 Sunroof

    Hey guys, On the look out for a W212 panoramic roof for my car as mine was damaged as my vehicle had been vandalised, all windows were smashed and few dents and bruises on bodywork Out of curiosity i have been able to source W207 Panoramic roofs however was wondering whether they are the...
  13. B

    W204 Vibration/reverberation from sunroof...????

    Hello, I have a 2010 W204 c350cdi with a panoramic sunroof. I have noticed over the past week or two quite a bad vibration that seems to shudder through the whole cabin at certain times. If I'm doing 22/23 mph and the revs are low (1000-1200) and I accelerate slowly the vibration seems to...
  14. Justin1600

    Complete sunroof assembly W202 / C43 AMG

    A complete sunroof assembly removed from a 1999 C43 AMG. Comes as in the pictures with the motor and glass. £200
  15. I

    Gen 2 560 SEC Sunroof

    Hello I am looking for a gen2 560 SEC complete sunroof to buy.
  16. B

    Sunroof track clean and grease

    Hi what grease is recommended to lube up the sunroof tracks? Thanks
  17. B

    Sunroof curtain fails on W207.

    Hi, I own a Mercedes E350 cdi coupe, 2010 model. The car has a panorama sun roof. When I opened the sunroof yesterday and afterwards closed it, the Curtain was not rolled on to the holder as it should. The result is that the curtain no longer will come out when clicking the sunroof button...
  18. O

    Finding an Indy to fix my sunroof

    Hi all, Can anyone suggest or recommend an indy to repair my Panoramic Sunroof which is stuck in tilt? The car is a 2002 C220 CDi Sports Coupe and I think there's something jammed in the mechanism of the left motor. I live in Oxfordshire. Thanks
  19. brucemillar

    124 Wagon Sunroof Wind Deflector?

    Friends On the 124 The electric factory sunroof has a "wind deflector". This is the strip that stops that wind from buffeting inside the cockpit. I believe that it should be spring loaded to raise when the rood opens lower when the roof closes? If it is spring loaded then mine is not as it...
  20. chilsta

    [Resolved] Dead Sunroof Relay (124)

    A few months ago I went to close my sunroof and nothing happened. During later investigation there was no blown fuse & I could hear clicking in the back by the motor. I closed the roof manually and it closed easily enough so I was fairly sure I could rule out a mechanical fault. I looked around...
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