1. J

    Spring sunshine :) (R129)

    So yesterday was lovely, and seemed like time to get the hard top off. Always a nervous moment, but the soft top came out of hibernation without hesitation. Bless. I decided to reward it with a three-stage Renovo treatment. It seems to work, as water now beads on the hood. While poking...
  2. WesLangdon

    no trips to the Greek sunshine for Mrs Queen

    BBC News - Why has the Queen never visited Greece?
  3. J

    Sunshine at last Roof down :))

    What could be better than driving topless and listening to that delightful sound from the twin pipes. :bannana:
  4. S

    What would you do with one day of sunshine and an MB

    Drive it :doh: I started off by heading from Helensburgh over to Inverarry via the rest and bethankful pass and then onto Campbeltown down the Mull of Kintyre costal trail. After which I headed over to Carradale on the other side of the penisuala on a lovely coastal road (Isle of Arran can be...
  5. C

    Retro-fit Sunshine Roof C180 Coupe

    Hi Guys, Just purchased a 2005 C180 Coupe and have been told by my local dealer that they can't retro-fit any sort of sunshine roof. I just want to check with 'those that know' whether this is true, or are they just following the MB Company line on this ie "You should have bought one with the...
  6. F

    sunshine blocks view

    have an ongoing "problem" due to this gr8 sunny weather - if i keep my dash nice and clean & shiny when the sun hits the top of the dash i get a reflection of it right across the windscreen - virtually blocks my vision - anyone found a solution to this - or no body else had this situation :crazy:
  7. P

    vivante green zymol'd and sunshine

    First time ive used zymol after hearing you lot always goin on about it. IM CONVERTED.
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