1. F

    Panoramic Roof closing half way & sunvisor closing full way

    Hi all.. I have incurred a problem today where my panoramic roof on the C250 only closes to half way and not completely but with it closing half way if I were to push the button to close again the sun visor (mesh) underneath starts coming out and closes the full way. It's as if the sensor...
  2. H

    E Class sunvisor mirror

    E Class 2002 model grey interior,left and right sunvisors. Does anyone know if one can buy the mirror and flap separately. In South Africa I am told one must buy the sunvisor complete. Car is RHD. Part numbers would be appreciated. Thanks. Hilton Wolff.
  3. hercules

    mini Ipad sunvisor

    I can now browse the net and check my emails without my reading glasses. Of course not wile driving !!! [/ATTACH]
  4. haggis2768

    w203 sunvisor

    am after a driverside sunvisor in grey. for a w203. not too worried about the illuminated mirror as I want to modify it to accept a nexus 7,will use the power supply for the vanity mirror to power the tablet. thanks.
  5. billywhiz

    Oooh look AMG sunvisor..

    Well I thought I'd throw that in, just in case Mercedes wanted to add that to there 'AMG' pack. Why is it that I'm seeing loads of new Mercedes being classed as AMG's because they have 'AMG sportspack' or AMG bumper styling etc etc. What an absolute sell out. :( guess the dollar bill talks...
  6. W

    Wanted - W210 (facelift) passenger side sunvisor, maybe Audio 10/30 CD?

    Hi Gang, Anyone on here know of any facelift 210s being broken. Sorting out a few bits on the estate and remembered that the passenger side sunvisor is broken (well, the mirror cover is missing so the light doesn't work!) Also - if anyone's got an Audio 10 (CD) or even an Audio 30 APS...
  7. reflexboy

    R230 Sunvisor

    Good evening all-The driver's side sunvisor on my SL seems to rattle against the panel above it. It seems the 'springyness' of it in the closed position is not as strongly sprung as the passenger side causing the rattle. I have wedged some folded cardboard under the fixing where it torx bolts to...
  8. P

    W123 head trim (sunvisor surround)

    im after the following bit of trim for my w123 as mine is damaged. its a navy blue. thanks.
  9. lynall

    Fixed inop sunvisor lights

    Fitted 2 second hand visors a few months ago and this morning decided to sort out the non working lamps, removed and tested bulbs fine, power to the visor fine, remove the flip up panel assy reveals a micro switch, remove switch join wires together lights now nice and bright:) strip switchs down...
  10. A

    Sunvisor Help!!

    Hello all me again!!! My drivers side illuminated mirror, when you pull down the flap the two lights should come on...isnt working. When I messed around with the switch onto which the sunvisor clips onto one end( see picture) it works, then if I try it again it doesnt. I am thinking that...
  11. proser

    Sunvisor for facelift W210

    Either side will do, as long as complete, or just the cover for the mirror. WHY
  12. D

    W203 sunvisor

    hi folks anyone know if i can get one ?? im not sure on the part number cant find nothing on ebay either . cheers del
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