1. O


    Offered this by salesman as well as 24 month extended warranty on W169. Not taking extended warranty as I use a super indy and will not change. However, wondering about supaguard. Has anyone had it ? Does it make a difference ?
  2. kalvin928

    supaguard valeting products

    nearly every time I go to the car boot there is always someone selling supaguard cleaning products; normally in its own bag..... packaging seems cheap... anyway I decided to use the alloy wheel cleaner on my dad's 07 CLK... wheels have caked on brake dust and no matter what I tried it didn't...
  3. C

    Supaguard - what is it exactly?

    When we bought my wifes Fiat 500 , I got the saleswoman to throw in a supaguard treatment. The car came with a little valet kit lbelled supagueard, and it looked like it had been waxed (badly). Yesteday the Mrs took the car for a wash and noticed lots of gritty little yellow dots ( very very...
  4. R

    Supaguard option from Dealership

    Hi All Looking to buy a car from a dealer and they are offering Supaguard inside and out for £349. Is it worth? Does it work? Or is it a way of the dealer to make some cash? Appreciate any advice? Thanks Ian
  5. mike_avfc

    Mercedes Supaguard protection - is it worth it?

    I've purchased a new C220 CDI and the salesman was obviously keen to get me to buy supaguard for the exterior paintwork and interior leather / cloth upholstery. I was told i could get this applied easily on my 1st service and i believe they quoted £250. I'm tempted especially for the...
  6. M

    whats supaguard???

    hi everyone, Cars going in for repairs after the break in. Car gona go to Eastern Weatern repair shop. They are gona machine cut the car, But want £65 for supaguard from me if i wana get it done. i wana know what is supaguard and does it realy work? Also where else can i get...
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