Supercar V Superbike

    When a super car with a skilled & competent driver meets a couple of skilled superbike riders, you get a rare situation. The Bikers miscalculate what a supercar driven well is capable of, Rarely you see a super bike red faced and truly struggling like this, either way I bet they enjoyed it...
  2. marcos

    World Superbike - Brands Hatch

    Is anyone going to the FIM Superbike World Championship at Brands Hatch on the 5th August. I've just got an invite for a day out in the Vauxhall Suite which is just after the start/finish line. I'm quite looking forward to it:bannana: :bannana:
  3. glojo

    Super Kart vs Superbike

    Going back to the theme of bike vs car, I was just reading about a number of ex World Champion motor cycle riders practising for a super kart event prior to the US Motor Bike Gp in July. "People look at these Super Karts and think they are cute little toys, but they haul butt around here,"...
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