1. ShinyF1

    Donington Superbikes

    Heading over there today - does anyone have any suggestions as to the best place to watch at the circuit? First time watching bikes racing... Thanks Sean
  2. GRAV888

    British SuperBikes 2010. Sponsorship needed.

    I have a friend who races in the British SuperBikes and he needs sponsors. He only has 62 days left to get someone signed up, so if you own a company and would like to help him, whilst getting advertising and I am sure tax benefits;), contact me. 8.2 Million chances to get your business seen. As...
  3. glojo

    British superbikes Union Jack upside down!

    I am a sports fanatic and enjoy watching most competitive events, I am also a Royalist and was appalled to see the Union Jack being flown upside down at the presentation!!!! A British event, at a British circuit and the incompetent nincompoops cannot even hoist a Union Jack properly. :mad...
  4. GRAV888

    World Superbikes this weekend.

    I am marshalling on the star/finish line (post 1). If anyone else is going, pop down and say hello. (I'll be the rather large bloke with white stripes down the arms of orange overalls). I'm going there on Thursday morning to watch the riders have their 1st race of the event. Not on...
  5. glojo

    World Superbikes

    Just a quick reminder for us bike fans. The World Superbike Season starts today and is actually live on channel 411 as a type. Regards John
  6. glojo

    British Superbikes

    I am anxious to hear the thoughts, observations of those lucky enough to get to Brands Hatch (Guy) What about Kiyonari, will a fit John Reynolds be able to beat him? Good racing and a very fair result. John
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