1. Cymruambyth

    Supercar Megabuild.

    Did anyone watch the first episode of the new series? I thought it was ok but not a big fan of Shane Lynch. I preferred the 2 guys on the 1st series. They did make that Maserati shift though.
  2. bob6600

    Supercar Superbuild

    Heads up for anyone interested New series starts tonight @10pm on Discovery. First episode, AM Vantage V12 S
  3. Alex225

    Goodwood - Supercar Sunday

    Evening all, I just wondered if anyone was planning to head to the Goodwood breakfast meet tomorrow morning? My other half and I are taking a trip down there in her SL so we'll keep an eye open for any other shiny Mercs :)
  4. stwat

    The Mercedes SLR Is the Forgotten $500,000 Supercar

    He just has to be Jay Lenno's illegitimate love child ! [YOUTUBE HD]hjzfHp3TNL8[/YOUTUBE HD]
  5. F

    SuperCar Meet in London - First HR Owen Meet of 2017
  6. F

    The Classic & Supercar Show, 2016
  7. Red C220

    Supercar Finance

    I know we have a few owners on the forum and I wondered if any of you had a reliable contacts for Supercar Finance rather than me just Googling a random company. I've been to have a look at something today and the dealer has given me some numbers, I just need to make sure it's the going rate...
  8. F

    London Supercar Meet
  9. F

    Supercar Sunday in Mayfair, London
  10. M

    Prom Car Needed - Wiltshire area

    I am a year 11 student from the John Bentley School, Calne, Wiltshire. My prom is on the 07/07/2017 between 7:00pm and 11:30pm. I would like an exotic car to turn up in as but I don't have enough money to hire a supercar from a company. So does anyone on here have a nice car that they want...
  11. K

    Supercar Convoy To Birmingham

  12. F

    July Supercar Spotting London Includes a chrome SLR KTM Veyron's
  13. brucemillar

    Supercar owners treated like criminals

    I read this on my commute home. An update on previous posts about the similar subject. London supercar drivers: 'We're being treated like 'criminals' | London | News | London Evening Standard FYI: Where I live many locals have now got together to protest about a "lack" of action by the...
  14. M

    Anyone Remember Supercar Test days at Castle Combe

    Was reminiscing about these whilst chatting with Chris (Patagonian) on the Insane Drives thread and wondered whether anyone else remembered them or used to attend? The Supercar Test days took place back in the late 80's/early 90's and were based at Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire (though...
  15. J

    Mercedes-AMG considers F1-inspired supercar
  16. C

    Mercedes E55 AMG TURBO. 500bhp+ supercar slayer beast. MOT Aug 2016- £3500ono

    Basically, it's THE fastest road legal car you get get for the money! £3500ono First up, some performance facts. 60mph to 100mph times, proven using professional Racelogic Timing gear- Not BS Speedo or iPhone app timing... This car- 4.4sec (and numerous 4.5sec runs to back it up). As a...
  17. Bobby Dazzler

    Been on an Italian supercar factory or museum tour?

    We're heading off on a European Road Trip next spring, and we're travelling home via Stuttgart so we can do the factory tour at AMG. Our accommodation is all booked, so now I'm thinking about what we should fill our days with. We'll be in Northern Italy for much of the time, and I'm thinking...
  18. AMGGTS

    Mitton Hall Supercar Meet And Big Drive Out

    Click the link for all the information. SuperCar Sunday Finale
  19. AMGGTS

    Preston Supercar Meet?

    This Sunday at 9am - 398 Garstang Rd, Broughton, Preston PR3 5JE lets get alot of AMG's attending :)
  20. grober

    Supercar Season

    BBC Two - Victoria Derbyshire, 19/08/2015, 'Supercar season' hits central London
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