1. merc85

    e55k Supercharge whine??

    I've seen lots of youtube vids etc with e55k's going mad and you hear the supercharger. How loud should the charger be? can you hear it inside the car much? i've never heard mine inside but i have once outside. Dont get me wrong the car flies, Really well, But ive not heard it? I've had...
  2. A

    C55 to CLS55 "cross"grade ..

    Coming up on 5 years owning my C55 .. hard to believe! Love it, and early on replaced just about every fault it could have (thank Olly!!), but now looking for a change. C63 touring would be perfect family wise, but they just ain't shifting in price so something will have to jump the gap...
  3. Suky Sangha

    Supercharge problems

    Guys just a quick one I sometimes get a lovely charge from my cls 55 AMG on full throttle and then sometimes when I put my foot down again I don't get no response! Would this be a problem with my i c pump ???? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  4. horgantrevor

    red supercharge c43 looks nice 400+ bhp and cheap

    Mercedes-Benz : C-Class | eBay
  5. U

    Starting to look like value at £7500 ? C43 Supercharge

    Overview Model:............C43 Year:..............1998 Mileage:.........35,987 (but will increase as I still use the car) Tax expires:....March 2012 MOT expires:..December 2012 An enthusiast owned C43 which has some interesting modifications. The supercharger was fitted by Birds and increases...
  6. D

    Should I supercharge the CLK 350?

    My son started this particular ball rolling when he said that I could supercharge The Beast. CLK 350 is fairly quick anyway but I headed off into Google as you do. A Danish company called Kleemann makes the supercharger and there are a few UK people who can do the job. It looks like it will...
  7. B

    SLK 230 supercharge circulating air flap

    Hi all, Does anyone know were the supercharge circulating air flap is? Its a 1999 model 170 body. Thanks Bobby
  8. Mercedes cozy

    mercedes s 500 vs 3.5 supercharge t bird

    Check this out. Many more video. Let me know what you think.
  9. andy_cyp

    Supercharge Your Mb lol, and i still cant stop laughing, just the thought of hearing some one telling another that he bought a turbonator for his merc.
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