1. 5

    150ML Mobil Jet Oil ll For superchargers

    Just finished changing the supercharger oil of my cls55 and got the rest of the Jet oil remaining, For reference I believe this is the M113K engine, so if you have these engines this is the correct oil for you but please do you own research. £12 per bottle Posted send me a PM if interested...
  2. MC63CLK

    Weistec Superchargers M156

    Hi reading the various posts and internet research on these chargers which all appear very positive has anyone experienced any mechanical issues after the installation,ie gearbox or driveshaft issues? Should I be looking at fitting a certain tyre or would my usual zeros or potenzas be...
  3. K

    Intake restriction Reduction and Superchargers

    Hi all. With my latest wave of modifications I have decided to have a look under the bonnet. I have a clk200 Kompressor, but being nineteen dont really have the money for a new S/C pulley or anything fancy like that. Among other suspension modifications, I found a nice free flowing exhaust I...
  4. Matt32AMG

    Superchargers or normally aspirated ?

    Just curious about people’s opinions regarding the power under their right foot. With the change in direction in engine design these last years, now no longer with forced induction, do you prefer the fireworks of a supercharged engine, or the larger capacity, normally aspirated progressive...
  5. I


    I think superchargers are wonderful. Never had them in a car before. They are wonderful. That's it, that's all, superchargers are wonderful:bannana: :bannana:
  6. R


    Does anyone know anything about improving a supercharger eg porting, polishing and/or pulleys. Does anyone have any experience of the same or know firms which do this service?
  7. W

    Aftermarket Superchargers on C43 and re-mapping

    Hi I'm thinking of getting a Kleemann supercharger for my C43. The power upgrade is substantial and I really can't afford to go to a CLK55 or E55 just yet. Has anyone got a kleemann fitted or a similar unit. I've also considered going down the 're-mapping' route but because there are so many...
  8. S

    kleinmann superchargers

    kleemann superchargers i've been on the kleemann website and they have a supercharger for the clk230 so thats all good. one things i want to know is obviously with an increase of 60 BHP i should upgrade my brakes:bannana: but what company should i go for
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